Presidents Cup Day 2
By Kickntrue on 10/9/09
Day 2 of the Presidents Cup is underway. The USA has the lead after day 1- but let's be honest- things don't get real interesting until Saturday afternoon.

The real highlight to me from day 1 was Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker's complete domination of Geoff Ogilvy and Ryo Ishikawa. I guess this makes some sense- seeing as how Tiger and Sticker were the best two golfers in the world this year.

Day 2 Scoring
Why It's the Presidents Cup

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cheymike says:
*GASP* Tiger Woods won a point? How can that be? He is a terrible team player and his career as a professional golfer is all but dead. Isn't THAT what I've been reading in the media lately? *snickers*
bducharm says:
So far, this is a good competition! The Internationals are staying close - we'll see.
cheymike says:
Say it aint so... Tiger on a 2nd team that wins a point? But how is that possible? Remember Golden Media writers? He can't play on teams and his career as a golfer is over! *snickers*
I'm sorry. (Well, ok, I'm not REALLY sorry!) Honestly, I am not a "Tiger Lover".. but I do loathe the big media and their ability to make mountains out of mole hills when they try and blow smoke up the wrong end with every breath they take while at their keyboards. I hope they all choke on their printer ink when they start typing after the 'cup' is over.
cheymike says:
*gets down off soap box* The International guys are definitely staying close. They picked up their last point on the last hole of the day and kept things very interesting. 6.5 to 5.5. I hope the weekend goes as well for them, and the 'cup is not decided till the last hole on the last day. :) Should make for some great viewing, since the weather is going to keep me from being on the course.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Wow. Did anyone else see Tiger's "Damn I'm good and I'm going to mimic MJ and hold my follow through as I walk away because I'm the sickest player in the entire world and no one can touch me" shot? Yeah, it was pretty clutch and all, but the way he handled it you'd think that he hooked it from behind the port-o-let, off the clubhouse and holed it.
cheymike says:
Well, the "boys" did great today. Outstanding singles play. And I've got to say something about Vijay Singh. He made one of the classiest moves at the end of the match that I've ever seen. After leading Glover almost all day (they were even at 18 and Vijay had already birdied the hole which would have put him 1 up if Glover missed his putt) Vijay conceded a pretty long putt to Glover that was NOT an automatic, to allow Glover to halve the match with Vijay. Vijay's reason for doing so... the Internationals had already lost, and why not let Glover get a halve. Pure class. He was the only USA team member without a point up to then. At least he could go to the locker room for celebration knowing he had contributed SOMETHING.
Heck... I might become a Vijay fan for that. OK.. probably not... but dang it, that was pure class!
cheymike says:
Gotta add... just for the enjoyment, to irritate the digestive tract of the elite media writers... The guy who can't play on teams, and whose career is about over... 5-0-0 for the event. He took his revenge today and fed his oh so average opponent some crow. 5 under after 13 holes, with his favorite 3 (14,17,18) still to come when it ended. *snickers*
Backquak says:
Lets see, Tiger got beat by the Penguin in match play, Weir in Canada, YE at the PGA, I think the only match up we didn't see would be the Tiger/Phil match since Tiger finished second to Phil a couple weeks back. Maybe they are having that one today, that would be sweet.
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