USA Wins Presidents Cup
By Kickntrue on 10/12/09
I'm sure you've heard by now, but the USA won the Presidents Cup. I watched bits and pieces of it, though frankly, the NFL was more exciting. The golf was actually very good- but the final result was never in too much doubt. You can say all you want too, about Tiger getting his revenge against Y.E. Yang, but I'm 1000% sure if you ask Tiger if he feels "even" I know he'd offer a lifetime's worth of Presidents Cups to have that Sunday in Minnesota back.

Next meaningful golf... next March? Sad but true.

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greendevil says:
I only watched the Bengals/Ravens game; but I thought both golf and football were exciting.

Even though the US winning the Cup was pretty much a sure thing, it was still exciting to see team golf being played. I love the team format tourneys.

I'm no longer involved in fantasy football, so Bengals games are usually the only NFL games I watch. Yes, I'm a Bengals fan; go ahead and start the bashing (kickntrue).
bducharm says:
Some really BAD NFL games yesterday - I watched golf!!! Would have LOVED to see the Chiefs beat the Cowboys though!!!
Kickntrue says:
@greendevil- I LOVE the Bungals. Why wouldn't I love them? :) Plus they beat the Steelers... what can I really say?
greendevil says:
@kickntrue; yeah, what's not to like about em huh? They're usually an easy win for the Steelers.

This year's "Bungals" team seems to be different though; they actually want to win and have not laid down and quit in any game yet. They've pleasantly surprised me thus far. I just hope they keep it up.
blackhawk says:
Next meaningful golf on TV is the HSBC next month. It is a WGC event now so all the major players will be there. Next meaningful golf ... my next round on Saturday.
cheymike says:
When he is no longer contributing to the Bengals as he is right now, I want 85 traded to a team who won't let him have that number. Now THAT would be good.
cheymike says:
@Fore Play ... Agree about T willing to trade all the President's Cups for that Sunday in Minnesota back but it was still entertaining. ;)
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