Harrington Thinks Gold Will Be Bigger Than Major
By Kickntrue on 10/12/09
Padraig Harrington sad he thinks winning a gold medal in the Olympics will be bigger than winning a major.
Harrington said: "I do believe in time the Olympic gold will become the most important event in golf and I don't believe it will take that long. In the four years between the Olympics there will be 16 majors, so winning gold will be that much more special."
Interesting point, at least from a mathematical standpoint- but here's the problem- if you look at the people who would currently qualify under the proposed rules for qualification... exactly 30 of them I've heard of and the other 30 I have not. Look- I'm not saying Jose-Felipe Lima couldn't kick my butt on the golf course, but that doesn't mean him putting 1 weekend together and winning a gold medal should and will make him bigger than Zach Johnson (who has only 1 major).

Oh- someone the caliber of Zach Johnson wouldn't qualify currently wouldn't qualify, which I'm not really arguing against since it IS the Olympics a world-wide event, I'm just saying the best players won't really be there so how can it be bigger than a major?

Olympics Bigger Than Major
Who Would Qualify Today?

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greendevil says:
Yeah, I agree; if all of the best golfers in the world are not playing in the Olympics, then it will not be bigger than a Major.
mjaber says:
I think that, with some tweaking, he could be right. I know I'm not alone in thinking that a simple 72-hole stroke play tourney is not right for Olympic golf, but if they can get it right, I think it could be huge. Look at the original "Dream Team" in basketball. A number of those guys put the gold they won above anything they did in the NBA, mostly becuase they didn't have the opportunity to win one until that time.

My fear is that the Olympic Golf committee, in order to get all of the top players in, will create a system like the WBC where if a recent ancestor (I think grandparent) was a citizen of a particular country, you can play under that countries flag. Sure, it gets more of the top players in, but how many of us would be frustrated to see someone born in the US playing for Romania?
C-4 says:
It doesnt matter because Tiger will steal the show and spotlight. Just another tool for sponsors to get TV time world wide
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