Anthony Kim Back To His Partying
By Kickntrue on 10/12/09
Sure- it's mostly sour grapes, but Robert Allenby can't believe he got whooped by Anthony Kim Sunday. Insiders say Kim was pretty much loaded the whole weekend.
Robert Allenby of Australia told reporters that his friends spotted Kim returning to the team hotel "sideways" at four in the morning on Sunday, just hours before his 9:00 a.m. tee timeGÇöagainst Robert Allenby. Of course, Kim went out and crushed Allenby 5 and 3 to help cinch the Cup, which just left his opponent even more perturbed.
"I'm just pissed off that I lost to him," Allenby said. "Maybe I should have gone out with him ... Maybe we should all take the theory of Anthony Kim. Get home at 4 o'clock (in the morning) and then go shoot 6 under."
Yep- that's bitterness if I've ever heard it. Still- I thought most reports were that Kim got this out of his system and was back to playing sober golf.

It must be hard though. Kim- while he does have giant expectations, can pretty much go out and play good to average golf and enjoy the rest of his life. His career earnings are over $8.5M and that's just for on the course work... and he's 24. I'd probably be partying too... just saying.

Check out the link for another story from Kim- including being asked to leave one of the team dinners for being hungover. For the record- Kim had a record for the weekend of 3-1.

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abrownsr says:
what is your purpose in giving us this BS about kim?
garthspaulding says:
When I saw him on Sunday he appeared to be in a great mood. He signed autographs for a ton of kids. When he was off camera he was giving the "what up" sign, "whooping" it up. He seamed very happy wearing his nike 6.0 backpack. I found myself thinking this is a guy I could hang out with, which mean he was probably partying.... Also Hunter and Sean were super cool, especially to the kids so props to them [ my kid included ]. Tiger didn't even spare a glance or a wave at the kids once on Sunday, even when it was over.... So who cares! he got the job done and was cool to the fans!
Kickntrue says:
@garthspaulding- thanks for the "live" report. I think he does sound like a guy I'd like to hang out with, as well. Tiger gets eyeballs because what he does is amazing- but you never hear anything good about him- actually similar to Michael Jordan in a way. I think to be at that level in a sport- you have to be a bit of a jerk (think Lance Armstrong or Peyton Manning- same thing).
garthspaulding says:
@Kickntrue - I can see that and I was actually amazed at how tiger maintains himself - he seemed so focused. When he walked from green to tee he was in this zone where nothing could touch him.
joepro23 says:
I remember watching Tiger from just 5 feet away on the practice putting green at the US Open. Even then he had his game-face on and everyone in the gallery was pretty much invisible.
bducharm says:
Poor Allenby - getting beat so bad by someone who supposedly was partying all weekend??? NICE!!!
fhsbaseball21 says:
barry bonds backs up kickntrue's theory as well
cheymike says:
Please, someone get Allenby some cheese to go with his WHINE! If what was reported is true then he not only got beat by a "kid", but he got SOUNDLY beat by a tired, worn out, hungover kid who was probably still drunk when the match started!! I agree with garthspaulding... I thought Kim looked great.
Note in the article, Kim was not asked to leave the dinner for being hungover, he was asked to leave the room because he was sweating. As someone with a perspiration problem, I can sympathize. He might want to get his blood sugar levels checked. I'm diabetic and sometimes sweat profusely for no APPARENT reason at all.
Kim denies he went out that night. He says went to his room. Its simply amazing how the "witnesses" never get named. (Oh, and by the way, if they saw him it means THEY were out partying at 4 AM so perhaps their credibility and powers of observation could be in doubt as well)
*shakes head* Another "hot" story from the Mediocracy.
C-4 says:
Allenby or Appleby or whomever should be kicked of the get your ass whooped and then snitch!..Kind of like Kobe did Shaq...I know I got caught but...Shaq did it too! My 5 year old cut all of the cords to my 14 year olds video games because he told on him. Cut this clowns cord for snitching
Banker85 says:
Kim is a world class guy and if i got beat like allenby did i wouldnt go adding insult to injury claiming the guy was hungover and out all night just makes him look like a worse golfer. Think it thru people.
colinw says:
Allenby shouldn't have said that. Accepted. However, if Kim was drunk five hours before a President's Cup singles atch, he has a drinking problem. I don't see any other way to argue that. Especially for a guy who referred to his rookie year as "blur of vodka". Hopefully, he gets soe help. We don't need anyore sad Daly cases.
jseverin says:
Give Allenby a break. He was pissed that he lost to a hungover kid, just like all of you would be. Kicked off the tour, please.
Gabriel Moreno says:
he is pretty much saying he sucks so much he lost to a guy who was in a hangover.
mattlagolf says:
robert alanby was the drunk one, he was so drunk he holucinoted that kim was drunk. alanbey has a suck short game.
colinw says:
wOw. THat was awesome MattLaGolf.
Lemur says:
I think AKs stategy is worth a shot (no pun intended).
The_Golf_Geek says:
@kickntrue, @garthspaulding Totally agree about usually having to be hyperfocused/a jerk to get to top in sport, too many examples to mention. That is why I think Phil Mickelson is so remarkable- I haven't even found a journo with anything bad to say about him as a person and yet he manages to be very close to the top. Yes, Tiger will be the greater golfer, but Phil manages to be a great sportsman whilst being universally lauded as a great guy. Truely remarkable.
With regard to AK, one night out does not a Jon Daly make. The odd lapse before what is essentially a fairly irrelevant exhibition (perhaps slightly unfair on the President's Cup- it's fantastic to see the US competing internationally rather than playing "World Championships" in sports that are really only played in the US) doesn't matter- particularly not if he does the business. More of a concern if it was a regular occurence.
The_Golf_Geek says:
It may all be sour grapes from Allenby, it pressess all the right buttons for a story about AK- if you were going to fabricate a story against Kim out of bitterness, it would be this one...
Austrailians generally hate whinging, but are more than a little guilty of it themselves when they lose at sports...
Hacker Al says:
He came out of fucking nowhere today (sun) at the final round of the masters. He was like 7 under when he started draining hefty footing putts and I think he finished 3rd, before Tiger with a -12. Nice Job, Kim!
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