Is Eldrick Cheating On Gatorade?
By Kickntrue on 10/13/09
Say it aint so. You mean these ridiculously paid athletes don't actually use all of the products they endorse?

From the NY Daily News:
Tiger Woods gets paid a rumored $100 million to drink Gatorade. But we hear he's been sneaking sips of Neuro1, the "focus drink" John McCain is said to have used during his debates with President Obama. Apparently, Tiger is getting better results. Former NFL star Bill Romanowski, who developed the stuff, tells us he sent the golf god a package during his slump after his father's death four years ago. "He's been drinking it every morning since then," says Romanowski. Romanowski says other customers include Alex Rodriguez, Owen Wilson, Charlize Theron and Adam Sandler.
WHAT?! Next you're going to tell me he didn't drive a Buick all of those years!

On a (somewhat) more serious note, I'm surprised Tiger hasn't tested positive for a banned substance if he's drinking something concocted by Bill Romanowski. Wasn't he pretty much known for living on 'roids throughout his NFL career?

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bducharm says:
Yeah, I wouldn't trust ANYTHING from Romanowski.
C-4 says:
Yeah!..Me either..He should have to pay that Fed Ex money back.....NOT!
Banker85 says:
i think he is paid to Endorse not drink 24/7. but if you paid me 100 mil i would hook up a freaking IV 24/7!
mjaber says:
I think it would be funny if Tiger's next corporate sponsor (now that Buick is done) was UPS... can you imagine a guy sponsored by UPS winning the FEDEX Cup?
Swingem says:
HMMM!...Is TW acting like Barry Bonds (refer to the AK thread), is his head getting bigger...? Hate to see an * on all those majors. :0
Gabriel Moreno says:
there it is the secret to golf.............get hooked up with romanowski juice
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