Obama's Name And Swastika Carved Into Golf Green
By Kickntrue on 10/13/09
This morning Lakeville Country Club (Boston, MA) employees showed up the course to find someone had vandalized their course by way of a hate crime. A Swastika along with Obama's name had been dug into the 18th green.
The vandals either used their heels or a board to carve the message, which is about 20 by 30 feet, Mosca said. He said the vandals did not dig in deep enough to damage the root system and he plans to turn the swastika into a box.

Mosca, who has owned the golf course for 20 years, said he didnGÇÖt hear anything during the early morning hours on Monday when the vandals cut up the green with their hateful message just a few hundred yards from his home.
Weak sauce. Really, that's as creative as you could be? The fact is- this crime is just as likely to be a gang of 15 year old punks as it is to be a true hate crime against Obama so I hope some teenager is at school today bragging about this, only to piss himself later when he finds out the Secret Service is looking into this. Plus- if you watch the video- you see the vandal also carved the letter "I" into the green preceding the swastika and name. Maybe it's just a confused kid who doesn't know his symbols. He clearly meant to carve a heart, right? I mean, "I Swastika Obama" means nothing.

At any rate- when found, Obama could have the vandals down to DC for a Root Beer summit. I smell a big Public Relations win coming soon.

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Ward says:
and news coverage of the event, exactly what the vandals wanted

we should learn to not make an event of things like this, just like they don't show streakers running on the field during sporting events

coverage just encourages more people to do more acts like this
Typhoon says:
I am not the biggest Fan of our president but for someone to deface a golf course with that crap the (swastika and his name) is truly a disgrace in so many ways. You got a problem with a politician vote him out of office don't resort to hate a man because of his race. and most importantly don't deface the greens of a golf course by any means. Who has a divot tool to fix that. the world has no room for ignorance. I hope they find who did it.
Rhino says:
Swastika is backwards as well.
BMcDonald says:
Weak sauce....is right.
JDoughMO says:
i didn't think obama would carry the nazi golfer vote. interesting way of showing support. this might be the next "nazi golfers for obama" bumper sticker design.
Clint24 says:
Did you say this was in the green?? OH MY GOD! I work at our family owned center and we work like crazy to get the greens good and the littlest things will make me mad. On Masters Sunday I was down there and went with another employee and customer we've become good friends with, and there was a mother with her 16(?) year old daughter in a cart riding a long with her son. We were on hole 4 and they were on 6 (the course curves so they were basically right beside us) and she had driven the cart within 6 feet of the hole staying right beside her son. Made me SOOO mad. WAR EAGLE
aglazier says:
This is a perfect example of the media trying to create drama folks. Did any of you notice that the swastika is backwards, which is actually an ancient American Indian symbol for peace and love (Our library has these symbols all over the tile floors). Hitler saw it, liked it, changed it slightly and passed it on as his own. He always was a copycat. Anyway, the fact that I precedes the message does in fact suggest that the vandal did actually intend to demonstrate that he/she has positive feelings toward the president.

You got to love the media though, always trying to create more drama.
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