Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton Joins Fight Against Trump
By Kickntrue on 10/13/09
You know you've hit a nerve when a B-list actress (who somehow won an Oscar) starts fighting against your golf course plans.
[Tilda] Swinton just signed an anti-Trump petition, accusing His Hairness of bullying residents in Scotland in order to make way for a brand new state-of-the-art golf course developed by the Trump Organization.

Trump got permission to build on the land back in 2008, but critics -- like British-born Tilda -- are trying to crush Donald's plan, claiming some local residents could be evicted to make way for the links. Trump has also taken heat from people saying his plans are "environmentally unfriendly."
I wish big Hollywood actors and actresses would get more involved in projects like this. It's really touching to see their compassion. The next big step would be for them to start telling me who I should vote for, because I'm sure they're much more in tune with the realities of life than most of us. Uggh. I don't really care much about this Trump golf course project- but I hope he whoops her.

Oh- who is Tilda Swinton? Fair question. I looked her up on IMDB.com and couldn't believe how many movies she's been in; fifty-four movies are listed to her credit including The Beach, Vanilla Sky and Burn After Reading. Still- looking over her resume- it seems the best she's been is probably Female Perversions. Never heard of it- or seen it, but it sure sounds promising.

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Banker85 says:
yaaaa im sure they would get paid out the ying yang by trump if they had to leave their houses. he should be doing this course some what enviro friendly just for the reason our planet is not doing so great blah blah blah. but still come on lady fight a worthy cause and leave the king of the combover alone. GEEZ does she not know someone stole his golf cart?? maybe it was her!!!!
Swingem says:
When did David Bowie change his name?
nolongerhere says:
Not quite understanding the correlation of someone signing a petition and telling you what to vote for(?).
cheymike says:
@reuben... I think that was sarcasm directed towards actors/actresses in general who seem to think they should tell us during every election season who we should vote for. When it comes to making important decisions like voting for people who are going to run our country, some don't think its such a good idea to take advice from someone who: #1 - most likely has a high school education; and #2 spends most of their waking life pretending to be someone they are not, in a situation that is not real, may or may not involve cartoon characters, and gets paid so much they have no CLUE what real people need, don't need, want, or don't want!
Banker85 says:
k-von says:
"Donald Trump" and "Scotland Golf Course" is all I need to hear to be in vehement opposition.
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