Timberlake Taking Over Vegas
By Kickntrue on 10/14/09
Justin Timberlake's Shriners Open kicked off it's Pro-Am today and it's fair to say JT has some pull. Last year the event's biggest celeb outside Timberlake was Ellen DeGeneres and she didn't even play. Justin, in an effort to make his event bigger and better called in some favors and the field looks much better. Celebs playing today included Kenny G, Alice Cooper, Greg Maddux, Natalie Gulbis and boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

The field for the event this weekend is also pretty solid including Anthony Kim and Jim Furyk, among others. Hmm.. if I'm a PGA Pro- I'm probably showing up for a weekend in Vegas with Justin Timberlake. I imagine he has "great talent" following him everywhere.

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Banker85 says:
ya right.... its ok to admit you have a man crush on JT. women want to be with him men want to be him, and hes a pretty good golfer to boot. sounds like im the one with the crush
mjaber says:
Alice Cooper? I had forgotten about him. Does anyone else think it's weird how good a golfer he is?
Swingem says:
@mjaber-Read his book, its pretty good.
kidputter says:
I refer Alice's music over Kenny G's but Kenny would be my choice for a celeb partner.
Patrick McKay says:
Alice has lived in Phoenix for a very long time, I know that he has been living off of royalties and playing almost daily for 20 years at least. Good for Alice, I would do the exact same!
TWUES17 says:
It never surprises me when people with a lot of time and a lot of money are good at golf.
banatmfees says:
@TWUES17: I have neither, and maybe that explains my game! LOL.
trikai says:
Anthony Kim...check!
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