Seve On The Mend
By Kickntrue on 10/15/09
Seve Ballesteros is on the road to recovery as he continues to battle his brain cancer. He even says he'll play a round at the British next year, which I hope could be a reality. I'm too young to really know Seve's impact on the game of golf, but the outpouring he's received from the greatest to ever play the game says it all.
[Seve] went on to win five major championships and the hearts and minds of many spectators, not only in Spain or Europe but around the world.

Johnny Miller, Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino all contributed to the programme. Nicklaus told how when he telephoned Ballesteros recently, "he said he had just played nine holes and he sounded really excited".
In a lot of ways Ballesteros' story is quite sad, an old man living along in a giant house built with his success through a game, but almost meaningless because of his cancer. Still- Ballesteros considers himself lucky to be alive and is looking forward to every day he has left.

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Patrick McKay says:
None of his success is meaningless. He made himself immortal through his exciting gameplay and shining personality.
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