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Milwaukee Losing It's Tour Stop
By Kickntrue on 10/15/09
The writing was on the wall when they lost their title sponsor earlier this year, but the Milwaukee PGA Tour stop is official dead, after 42 years.
The board of directors for Milwaukee Golf Charities Inc. voted Wednesday to dissolve the golf tournament.

The tournament, held at Brown Deer Park Golf Course, cannot continue because U.S. Bank decided earlier this year not to return as the tournamentGÇÖs title sponsor and no other corporate sponsor stepped up to take its place, tournament director Dan Croak said.

"We have been working with the PGA Tour since February to try to find a replacement for U.S. Bank as a title sponsor," Croak said. "To date, those efforts have not been successful."
This is a shame. There are such great golf courses in the midwest and it's getting harder and harder to watch great golf happen. I've been to Milwaukee three times and enjoyed each trip. It's a shame- all the Cheeseheads have left is the Packers (I don't count the Bucks and Brewers) and they have to drive to Green Bay to get that. If there is one thing Wisconsinites knows how to do it's party and have a great time- and now they'll have to go elsewhere to do it at least for golf.

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And because it worked so well earlier today... you get a Milwaukee song (pretty much) song to go with the post.

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bducharm says:
That's really sad - I feel for Jerry Kelly and Steve Stricker - Wisconsin dudes!!!
mjaber says:
It's a shame someone like Harley, or Kohler couldn't take up the slack and keep a tour stop in WI. I'd love to see a Harley-Davidson sponsored event. First Hole-In-One gets a Harley!!!!
mjaber says:
... and whoever shows up with the oldest Harley gets to play in the Pro-Am with the pro of their choice. :)
blackhawk says:
If I remember correctly, the tournament was on the same weekend as the British Open. If I'm gonna choose between St. Andrews or Brown Deer, it's gonna be St. Andrews every time. You put it on a different weekend and who knows?
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