Kodak Challenge Great For Players
By Kickntrue on 10/19/09
Do you know who's leading the Kodak Challenge? Of course you don't, because no golf fan in the world cares. That said- it's been great for the mid-level players out there grinding through every event because the winner get's a $1,000,000 prize (about 1/10 of a FedExCup prize, or the same as winning 1 event), and these guys aren't guys who usually sit at the top of a leaderboard, so $1M could double their yearly earnings.

The event pulls 1 hole from each tournament and then players take their best score from the 4 rounds they played and that best score goes towards their Kodak Challenge score. Over the course of the season the players battle to see who will be the lowest under par. Of course- big name players don't play in enough or the right events to compete for the prize so it really works out for the grinders on Tour.

The current leader is Kevin Streelman who is -15 through 18 holes. There are 13 players within 3 shots of the lead with 3 more Kodak events to go. Players who already have 18 holes can still keep crawling up the leaderboard with birdies and eagles.

You get all that? You care yet?

Kodak Challenge

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Banker85 says:
this is too long if it were shorter like within the confines of the regular season i might be a teny tiny bit interested. but i hope its atleat -18 under for the winner.
Kickntrue says:
@jessehunt85- you mean you don't count the Fall Series as the "regular season?" Tsk Tsk. Anytime a pro golfer tees it up you should turn off NFL and College Football immediately to watch it.
Mjw71772 says:
I think what would make it more interesting is if the golfers had to pick prior to the season start which 18 they were gonna keep. This 18 best scores, while a good idea, would be vastly improved if the golfers made the decision before ever teeing up for the year. Also, forget the reachable Par 5's. Put some nightmare par 3's or long par 4/5's on there. Like 18 at East Lake, or 17 at Sawgrass. This makes it more of a challenge. Instead of it being the Kodak $1,000,000 giveaway that it appears to be now.
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