Get Your Golfer On This Halloween
By Kickntrue on 10/19/09
I don't personally celebrate the Devil's Day (at least that's what I've been telling the FBI since "the incident") but if you do- have your wife/girlfriend be a golfer.

The Golf Girl has done (way too much) research into what she's going to be for Halloween and believe it or not- there are plenty of golfer options out there for guys and gals. For the men- you can dress like an old-timer, or a stooge. For the ladies... we have a traditional Halloween outfit (ie. slutty) for you. Everyone is going to show up as Officer Naughty, or Naughty Nurse, so don't follow the trend. As a quick sidenote- why does every adult female costume have the world "Naughty" in it, and doesn't that bother you a little bit when the only other time the word is ever used is when scolding a 2 year old? Creeps me out. Anyway- You can be Naughty Natalie, the golfer ho.

Enjoy. Oh- and if you can convince your wife to put one of these outfits on- send us the pictures. That's a ticket straight to the front of the line for Golfer Of The Week.

Golf Halloween

photo via Golf Girl

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Banker85 says:
so if i wore one of the above costumes could i be GOW?
Kickntrue says:
@jh85- YES!!!! You may be golfer of the year.. but we'd send that link to every blog and website on the net.
falcon50driver says:
Tell us more about the Incident.
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