Cink, the prolific Tweeter.
Y.E. Yang Snoozes
By Kickntrue on 10/20/09
File this under non-news but fun nonetheless. PGA Champ Y.E. Yang was caught by Tweeting-extraordinaire Stewart Cink catching a nap on the pull-out couch in the clubhouse at the site of this weekend's PGA Grand Slam of Golf. The Grand Slam is arguably more exciting than the entire field event going on this week in Arizona. It features the 4 major championship winners from 2009. With no offense meant for Cink or Yang, I'm sure the organizers wish the field included Tom Watson and Tiger Woods instead.

Cink and Yang will be joined by US Open winner Lucas Glover and Masters winner Angel Cabrera. Not only will the event be fun to watch, but it's the start of a great joke; Two Americans, an Argentinian and South Korean walk into a bar...

Click to see the picture (I'm not sure if I can legally post it Cink's work) but let me make this comment- would it kill the clubhouse to get him sheets? It looks like he's wrapped in a towel.

Cink's Twitter
Yang Snoozing
Via USAToday

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dooboo says:
When man needs sleep, he needs to sleep...but come on, towels as sheets&blankets? Is this the life of a PGA player we don't get to see? LOL
mjaber says:
Can you imagine the draw if, instead of Yang/Glover/Cabrera/Cink, it was Woods/Mickelson/Perry/Watson?
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