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Golf: Stress Reliever Or Creator
By Kickntrue on 10/20/09
While many people cite golf as a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the outdoors, for some it can actually make life more tense. We're not talking about pros making their living golfing either, we're talking amateurs just like you and me.
Victor Thompson, a London-based sports psychologist, told CNN that golf is a much more psychological sport than most.

"It can be particularly stressful because, unlike team sports, you very much have the spotlight on you while you're playing," he said.

That doesn't just apply when there's an audience of millions watching on TV -- it's just as true when you're playing at your local municipal course with your friends.

"It can actually be tougher playing against your mates and people you know because they can ridicule you or laugh at you, or you might worry about disappointing them if you're playing on their team," said Thompson.
Hmmm.. this all sounds good until the part about ridiculing playing parters on the course. No golfer I know would ever do such a thing.

I mean sure, if you miss a putt short they may ask if your boyfriend plays, or to pull up your skirt, but that's not stressful, right? Yah- they may press after each hole, but we're just playing for a couple bucks, so that's not such a big deal. Of course the low score from the round has to buy drinks for everyone ... oh, now I get it. Amateur golf is stressful. That's why I always bring I person I know I can beat.

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Backquak says:
if it wasn't stressful, there would be no point in playing. It would be "the driving range" or "the putting green"
falcon50driver says:
The Texas d...out rule can invoke a great deal of stress.
bducharm says:
Stress (or pressure) is playing for $20 when all you have is $5 (OK, Lee Trevino said something like that but you get the point!!!)
Banker85 says:
stress? no way. frustration? hell ya. fun? always!
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