You're Not Going To Believe This
By Kickntrue on 10/21/09
Tiger Woods has won the PGA of America's Player Of The Year for the 10th time. This is a points-based award so everyone knew this was coming, but it became mathematically impossible for anyone to beat him after this past weekend's event. Tiger has already won a couple other season awards including the Vardon Trophy and the Byron Nelson award. The one trophy that hasn't been announced is the PGA Tour's Player of the Year award which he should win, despite not winning a major. If he does win this award, it will be only the 4th time a player won the PGA Tour award without winning a major. Still- how could you give it to anyone else?

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Banker85 says:
uhhhh you cant.
bducharm says:
Ben Crane says:
I thought it would go to one of the winners of "The Big Break". Major letdown!
C-4 says:
Yeah yeah yeah..blah blah..when will he get the title best golfer to ever play the game?????????? because he truly is!
Banker85 says:
@c-4: once he gets 19 majors but there will always be tiger haters.
falcon50driver says:
What? No Nobel prize ?
Panerai111 says:
aglazier says:
How can he not get it? Umm, how about because he didn't win a major? Give it to Stewart Cink. He'll never be this close to deserving it again. Not to mention he is the nicest guy in the world to the fans at tournaments, while Tiger doesn't even see us.
CodeSlinger says:
For being the "Nicest guy", you should win the "Nicest Guy of the Year" award. If you want to win the "Player of the Year," you should be the best Player. Nice as he may be, that's not Cink.

Look, if you win a major, it means you were the best *that week*. For "Player of the *Year*," you have to look at how they played the entire year, and when you do that, there's no question that Tiger should win it.

6 wins and 14 Top 10s in 17 starts? No question at all.
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