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Tax Credit here I come.
Golf Cart Sales Going Great
By Kickntrue on 10/21/09
The golf industry may be struggling, but because of a little known provision in Bush's Emergency Economic Stabilization Act from 2008 cart sales are nuts right now.
Under the Bush administration's Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, buying a plug-in electric motor vehicle can make a consumer eligible for a tax credit of at least $2,500 plus additional cash depending on a car's battery capacity.

In April, the Internal Revenue Service confirmed that "neighborhood electric vehicles" or NEVs -- a common term for electric-powered golf cars and other low-speed vehicles allowed on public roadways -- bought in 2009 qualified for the tax credit.

Morgan said the battery capacity on 12 cars he sells qualifies them for tax credits of $5,335 each.
Hmmm. Date with Marisa Miller (with wife's permission of course) to #2 on the Christmas list. New #1, tax saving golf cart.

I like to be realistic with my gift list anyway.

I think I see one of these in oobgolf's future. Cruising around the oobgolf campus in a golf cart would make all other employees in the business park quite jealous...

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KVSmith59 says:
what's a new cart sell for now?
jerdman says:
my dad runs a golf cart business down in st. augustine, mainly does used carts. but i think new ones start at 4000 and go up to 8000 for nicer models and street legal ones, unless you get serious upgrades and customization.
contrary to what the article states, golf cart sales still aren't going great, only mildly better than they have the past year. i sure wouldn't mind having one
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