Lady Spectator Steals Ryo's Ball
By Kickntrue on 10/22/09
A spectator at her first ever golf event in Japan saw one of teen phenom Ryo Ishikawa's errant tee shots rolling past her- so she picked it up and walked off.
When the 18-year-old hooked his tee into trees, the woman lost her calm, screaming as she was chided by fellow spectators for picking up the ball while it was still rolling, the daily Yukan Fuji reported in its Internet edition.

"I am a fan of Ryo and this is the first time I've been to a golf tournament," she was quoted as saying. "I really don't know the rules and I just tried to take the ball home as a souvenir."
And that my friends, is why women shouldn't be allowed to vote... err, drive ... er leave the kitchen ..., CRAP- I can't seem to turn my truth filter off.

Pretty great story though. I wish there was a video.

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activesense says:
I wish women would grab my balls - but only the ones that don't hit the fairway.
Banker85 says:
your in trouble for this one... let em have it ladies!
mjaber says:
What's the penalty for a stolen ball? Is it stroke and distance, or does he have to hit it out of her hand?
bortass says:
No penalty. The ball get's either placed or dropped where she picked up from, i can't remember which exactly it is.
activesense says:
He hits from her hand but she can't move closer to the hole.
brad6432 says:
Snatch the Titleist from my lie, and it will be time for you to go.
tyrone_33b says:
No Penalty. The ball get's placed where it is picked up from. If in this case the ball is still rolling, the ball get's droppend where it was estimated to be picked up from.
falcon50driver says:
Wanna know why Helen Keller is such a terrible automobile driver ? She's a woman.
Matt F says:
Merlin...that's funny, but still not right!!
falcon50driver says:
I apologize, but kickntrue started it.
canudig says:
I've seen the same idiocy from Tiger Woods fans - men and women alike.
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