First Swing Helps Amputee Golfers With Golf
By Kickntrue on 10/23/09
Helping wounded veterans is always admirable. Teaching war amputees golf is a incredible.
[First Swing] is a joint undertaking by Disabled Sports USA, the National Amputee Golf Association and the military. The goal is to give veterans a break from endless stir-crazy days at Walter Reed, where it can be all too easy to sit in a room and play video games or succumb to self-pity and depression. Instead they are shown that sports are not off limits to amputees.
This is a pretty cool story with some neat pictures showing how the human body can overcome and how when you get out of the self-pity stage and into the living stage you can do amazing things. Anyone who has ever served their country (especially during war times) has experienced unimaginable things- and some for the worse. I'm glad there are programs out there like this and men and women with hearts for these vets who run them.

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mschad says:
Stand up and applaud!
Pappybro says:
You should see how brutal us wounded guys are to each other...
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