Brushing up on Golf Ettiquite
By Kickntrue on 1/26/07
Once in awhile, I come across an article so basic, that is insulting. I thought about posting this as a REAL item, but instead- I'm going to make fun of it. If you have no clue what a divot is, read it. If you want to make fun of something wasting a URL on the ole WWW- then read it. You can see the whole article HERE.

[I'm writing this after I finished what's below. It's probably not as bad as I made it, but my sarcasm is already out, and it's going to be published. Enjoy.]

My favorite passages, with comments:
As a Golf Professional, I am the liaison between the policies the Board implements and the actual playing membership.

This I find funny simply because I can't believe a "Golf Professional" wasted his time writing this. I guess since I help run oobgolf, I am a "Golf Professional" as well. Look for me to start throwing that around more.

If sharing a cart, don't drive to the first ball; wait for the first player to hit, then head to the second ball. Drop the first player off at his ball and drive ahead to the second ball. The first player should be walking over to the cart as the second player is hitting his or her shot.

Walk?!!?! Why would I walk anywhere if I'm going to buy the cart?

Begin lining up your putt immediately, "plumb-bobbing" and reading greens like Jim Furyk is not going to fly when you are holding up the group in the fairway.

I don't like that he is implying that us hacks shouldn't "plumb-bob." I don't know what that is, but it sounds like something I want to be doing.

Now you have finished the 9th hole...

What happened to holes 2-9?

I always applaud my members who take the time to fix ball marks on the green other than the one caused by their own ball.

Unfortunatley for me, I only end up fixing ball marks that aren't mine. Balls never seem to come out of the sand hard enough to make a mark.

Every so often someone will come into the Golf Shop and ask what the proper channels are in the case of hitting and doing damage to a private residence on the Golf Course. The procedure would be to initially make contact with the home owner. If no one seems to be home, stop into the Golf Shop after your round, and give them the precise location on the Golf Course where the home is located, and leave your information with a staff member.

I disagree. Everyone knows the proper course of action here is to RUN! Paying for a broken window is stupid, especially since they are the person rich enough to live on a golf course. Unless you are his neighbor, and share in his or her wealth, leave them. They'll spring for a new double-pane.

Ok.. I'm done. That felt really good. You can see the whole article HERE. If you think I was way off base- ... well, it's Friday! Deal with it.

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falcon50driver says:
I get a trip to Naples every year, hope I don't run into this guy. Their airport management is just as anal. They have a ban on stage two jets, maybe they should just turn down their hearing aids so we wouldn't have to drive down from Ft Myers.
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