Steve Carell To Be In Golf Film
By Kickntrue on 10/27/09
"The Office" star Steve Carell has signed on to play the lead in an upcoming film, "Missing Links," based on the 1997 Rick Reilly book by the same name. The story is revolves around a group of muni golfers who try to find ways to get on the elite local country club course.

If I remember the book correctly (I read it a looooong time ago) this has a chance to be pretty funny, especially with Carell at the helm. The movie will obviously be a comedy but I do hope the role is a little more serious and less slapstick and a little more "real funny."

Since this was just announced, I'd expect to see this in theaters in 2011 which means by the time you see a preview for this movie- you'll forget all about this post, BUT since I've now written this rambling sentence about forgetting it will trigger a thought in your mind and you'll remember. Then- you'll log on to oobgolf- use the search feature to find this post and you'll leave a comment about remembering. It'll be nuts.

/sleep deprived

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Backquak says:
I laughed myself out of my chair, reading "Missing Links" and "Shanks for Nothing" was even funnier. I'm glad they will be making a movie out of it. I wonder who will play Two Down and the Chops. I've got some golf buddies that would fit perfectly. Not that it matters, but can Steve play? The lead character is quite the golfer.
mjaber says:
I'm still not sold on Carrell as a lead actor. I thought he was great in "Bruce Almighty", and pretty good in "40 Year Old Virgin", but he flopped hard in "Evan Almighty." It seems like he's trying too hard to be funny sometimes.
Backquak says:
yeah, I agree, Steve doesn't quite fit the role of the "scratch golfer, quick wit greeting card writer" at least I can't picture him in the role, I'm sure it will be funny anyway.
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