Can Wie save Whan?
New LPGA Commish Announced
By Kickntrue on 10/28/09
Michael Whan has been named the new commissioner of the LPGA. Well, in this economy, someone had to take a demotion. Zing!

Honestly, I have no clue who Michael Whan is other than what is on the press release announcing his new position. Interestingly enough, his name was never part of the media/public side of the search effort. He used to work at TaylorMade/Adidas which is his golf connection, though his most recent position was for Mission-ITECH Hockey, an ice hockey and rollerblading company.

Quick riddle- what career has more upside, women's golf or rollerblading? Trick question- the answer is Tiger Woods (I know this makes zero sense, and yes, I made it up, but I figure it's kind of like when you're in Sunday School as a kid, the answer is ALWAYS Jesus, no matter the question).

I really feel for Whan a bit. Obviously he accepted the position- so he thinks he's the man for the job, but it seems like a pretty brutal uphill climb. Success will be tough to achieve. With the current situation he's almost set up to fail. Hopefully he'll have a rabbit to pull out of his hat. He did work at Proctor & Gamble for 12 years so maybe he still has a thick Rolodex. He'll need it- first order of business- find new events!

Good luck to Mr. Whan. At least you have a couple young marketable American stars in Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer, and Morgan Pressel- and hey, if he can hang on for a couple more years he'll get Alexis Thompson.

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C-4 says:
If he is smart, he would make sure he gets Tiger's niece in on the act.
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