Daly Is Now 1/2 This Size
Daly Still Shedding The Pounds
By Kickntrue on 10/29/09
Rumor has it John Daly is down to 190 pounds. He's also playing this weekend after working his way back to form from an injury.

I know the band surgery is supposed to help you shed pounds, but over 100 has to be dangerous, with any solution. I've been on a weight-loss kick before and while you may still be big, there is actually a danger of facing an eating disorder to the point where losing weight becomes an addiction. People think of anorexics as being pencil thin, but you could weight 300 lbs and still be in trouble. I have no way of knowing how Daly is eating, but I don't see how you can lose that much weight in such a short amount of time and it be healthy.

Let's just hope for his health's sake- he doesn't do what most people do and have a relapse into gluttony. There is no way his heart could take that now.

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munk24 says:
I saw him at his restaurant during the St Judes tournament and he looked great, and he was at about 218 then. He hit the ball great and putted like me
cheymike says:
I've lost 70 on weight watchers since January and am feeling GREAT! I hope losing the weight is doing as much for John as it is for me. I'd love to see him get back into his old form and be competitive again.
BiggDee says:
I went from 335 to 255 (80lbs) over the last 2 years...eating more real food and less processed food...more exercise(golf). And at least 8 hrs of sleep a night. I feel for John...anyway its definitely helped my golf game. Go John! I've always rooted for you! I saw him play in person...amazingly soft hands around the greens. No one ever talks about that though when they mention BIG JOHN!
ipv6freely says:
I was chatting with John a few weeks ago. He said he was going shopping for new pants, because his were 10" too big. Went from a 44 to a 34 waist. Amazing!

Here's a recent photo: twitpic.com/mfdi6

Doesn't even look like the same guy!
golfgirl says:

If one is carrying as much weight as Mr. Daly was prior to his surgery, one can lose 100 or more lbs. quite rapidly, without health risk. I hope JD can ignore the many people out there who'll be telling him he's losing too much weight or losing too quickly. His weight lose will improve his physical and mental health tremendously if he can maintain it.

It's very unfortunate that we in the US have been given this irrational fear of eating disorders and losing TOO much weight. I feel it's probably part of a campaign to keep Americans eating so they'll keep buying all kinds of weight loss products and programs.

Congratulations Cheymike, BiggDee and John Daly... keep up the good work!
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