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End Times Are Near
By Kickntrue on 10/30/09
Prepare yourself, folks. This world is getting even more whacky, and golf is in the mix! Severe storms are threatening to wipe out this weekend's PGA Tour event, The Viking Classic, in Madison, Mississippi. Weather reports are calling for 100% chance of rain, 60 MPH winds, hail the size of pennies and tornadoes. Sounds ominous.

Not enough?

How about this- you can now buy a coffin at WalMart. Seriously... coffins on the cheap, and a Federal law requires funeral homes to accept 3rd party coffins. My quick thoughts- 1) holy crap! WalMart can even put funeral homes out of business- maybe they are the anti-Christ, and 2) why the heck has the government taken the time to pass laws regarding coffins? They really don't have anything better to do? At any rate- can't be a good sign that you can now pick up your final resting place along with your bedding, groceries, and car tires.

More? Okay- how about this story out of Utah- where 4 teens were arrested and charged for rapping their order at a McDonalds drive through? Goofy? Sure. Childish? Absolutely. Harmless? You betcha. What the heck?!
They rapped their order, which begins with, "I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce ..." once quickly before repeating it more slowly.
Isn't Utah also a dry state (I know everything I know about Utah from "Big Love")? Some people's kids.

Oh- and the Ace kicker. For $99.99 you can have a slimmed-down Loudmouth pants wearing Daly plastered on the wall of your den. Yep- you now buy a JD Fathead! I wonder if you get a second one free in a year or two when he expands back to 300 lbs?

Leave work. Grab your kids. Hide.

Severe Weather at PGA Tour
WalMart Sells Coffins
McDonald's Prank Arrest
John Daly Fathead

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and just because...

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Banker85 says:
the part about the coffins and the law passed makes a lot of sense. Funeral homes had deals with coffin makers or would make you either buy from certain places or from them and have outrageous prices.

so on what grounds were the kids arrested? that makes no sense?!
cvargo says:
i live in Utah. It is not a dry state. And the "rap" came from Utah County near BYU, where there is large presence if the LDS faith, i am ashamed of that county. I live in Utah not following the dominate faith, and this state is beautiful. and the alcohol is 3.2% so pretty much water. So i drive north to Wyoming once a month and get my monthly supply of beer. The kids where arrested for disorderly conduct. I honestly doubt that charges will be pressed, but sadly the cop did arrest them at there high school, after the Mcd's rep called the police. Its a disgrace to Utah! But honestly Utah county is the Utah that you all hear about and where the stupid stories come from, like polygamy and what not. that's why i try my best to NEVER go to that county, i might get arrested for being catholic
cheymike says:
Can you imagine waking up in a dark house... and having the only available light shine on a wall mural of JD??? AACCKK!!
Mjw71772 says:
forget the JD story the tacobell rap was far better.
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