Amazing Race Shows Off "Farmersgolf"
By Kickntrue on 11/2/09
CBS's Amazing Race is pretty good to golf. After featuring golf in a challenge a couple seasons ago, last night they introduced the USA to "Farmersgolf" while in The Netherlands.

Here is the best way I can describe it... A shaft with a wooden clog attached as the club head hitting something that looks like a cross between a Bocce and soccer ball into a hole a couple hundred yards (feet?) away in thick unmowed field grass. The hole is not gigantic, but did appear to be in a bit of a depression so when you got it close the ball would funnel in.

It was pretty amazing- and most teams did a fairly decent job with it, though it did prove to be too much for one of the strongest teams in The Race. Neither of them were golfers and I'm sure it didn't help that they were asked to play on a frigid day with strong winds, right after they finished swimming through a small creek in their underwear (I just read that last sentence and realize how ridiculous it actually was, though it was just as I described).

I found a couple websites that talk about Farmersgolf and its rules. I'm not sure it will take over the world, but it'd be fun to try.

Oh- and if someone can name a better reality show (one they'd actually want to be on) than The Amazing Race... please try.

Farmersgolf Info
Amazing Race Home
Farmersgolf Wikipedia

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Backquak says:
whats up with that video? no golfing just girls crying and hugging, and not in a good way. I wanted to see some farmersgolf, dude... oh, there it is, its just slow.
Banker85 says:
The girls were not hitting it right. they were trying to hit the ball with the side of the shoe (clubhead) insted of if you were to kick it straight on with the toe of the shoe. they had 3 holes to get it in no more than 8 strokes with alternate shots. the least amount of shots is seen was 6.
cheymike says:
@banker That means they got 2 birdies!! LOL!
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