Can You Out-Putt Michael Phelps?
By Kickntrue on 11/4/09
If you can speed-putt better than Michael Phelps you can win some cool prizes. The contest pits multiple Olympic athletes against us regular old Joe's in what's being called "The Best Of Us Challenge." The contest is sponsored by the International Olympic Committee.

Basically you have 60 seconds to make as many 5 foot putts into cups as you can. Post the unedited (single shot) video and see if your skills hold up. Phelps only made 12, which I think is very beatable. I have a feeling some nutjob is going to sink about 50 or 60. I guess you just have to ask yourself, "Am I that nutjob?"

The Best Of Us Challenge
Via Zealous Golfer

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mngolfballer09 says:
what kind of prizes do you win?
newsmaker22 says:
Phelps was out at Sparrows Point Country Club today...he didn't look like that great of a golfer...but who knows.
Mjw71772 says:
now here is the question, is there rules to how far apart the balls have to be and what not? I mean 12, that will get smokes quickly. just by pure volume alone if no rules to distance between balls or if you have to use regulation clubs and what not. I guess I have to check it out.
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