Your Favorite Golf Sites
By Kickntrue on 11/4/09
We know you don't spend all of your golf internet time on so we're curious to know where you do browse. We're always looking for ways to expand and grow our relationships with others in the golf community and to always be on top of the newest and greatest.

Obviously we're going to be aware of the's of the world, but I know there are a lot of great golf sites out there getting your love.

Let's give them some love.

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Backquak says:
I usually check out pgatour and golfchannel daily, and occasionally hit mygolfspy and 50dollargolf, and ofcourse I'm on oob every couple hours. what else is there on the internet?
smepple says:
I just discovered GolfDash Blog recently ( Seems like a good mix of content - tips, reviews, gear, news, etc.
Banker85 says:
Kickntrue says:
@banker85 - no, you are not getting my Bud Light. (remember those awesome commercials? ... "Dad, you're my dad, ... and I love you man!"
perlguy9 says:
There are other golf sites out there?
mmontisano says:
i usually check out Geoff Shackelford's blog. he's a huge course architect buff and usually finds golf stories that aren't on the big sites.

Jay Busbee at Devil Ball Golf blog is usually pretty funny.

i'll also checkout GolfWRX to find out what tools of the trade are new amongst the TOUR pros. their equipment forums and reviews are pretty insightful also.
ForeKris says:
there are other golf sites!?!?
bducharm says:
I didn't realize there was anything else other than OOB!!!
Bryan K says:
Oddly enough...the only other golf sites I routinely check out are retail sites. Therefore, I'll be anxiously watching this topic and checking out the sites that people mention.

The retail sites I frequent most often include and I go to often to see the schedule of the local indoor range, and I go to to check on local course conditions and events. Finally, I go to to check on nRange's facebook feed and to see what other nRange users have to say.
cheymike says:
My other usual hangout is where I moderate on the Golf Equipment forum. Its a great site for seeing how "normal" people rate/rank different clubs against each other instead of just reading the manufacturer advertising hype. They ALL say they are the best.
I also go to the PGA site and Golf & Golf Digest sometimes just to keep up with how things are going on them.
inok11 says:
I check out every now and then. There are a lot of different forums including a "for sale" section
Matt F says:
@ ForeKris...I'm with you.

HotBacon says: and

They both have excellent forums to discuss equipment.
ksu_FAN says:
This is pretty much it for me. Occasionally tournament sites to watch/follow when those are on.
Dogberry says:
I like golfwrx because of the forums, there aren't many golf questions that haven't been asked on that site if you do a search. Plus, they have some pretty good giveaways. The Hacker's Paradise does some excellent equipment reviews and they have a good relationship with some of the smaller OEMs (Nickent, Rife). They are also very beginner friendly. Oob is still my favorite, though.
Optimus Prime says:
I tend to visit golf course sites where I'm about to play or want to play. Oobgolf is my favorite site, followed by golf amigos This is a site where golfers rate courses mostly in the mid Atlantic.

I learned a long time ago that you can't take advice from everybody so I settled on a few sites. Oobgolf is one of them.

I visit when I want to keep up with a tournament.

I use site to check the weather. Here, you can put your zip code in and get a listing of projected playing conditions in your area. It is really helpful to me when deciding when I can go golfing.
munk24 says:
I like, he pulls together the best articles about golf from all over the world and puts them in one place
PGA Tour Driven says:
I love oob! Havent been playing much, but always like to see the new posts.
Richatvillage says: GolfWRX OOB is the Best!
BarryRhodes says:
If you are interested in improving your understanding of the Rules of Golf then I suggest that you check out my blog at
BarryRhodes says:
Apologies the link above should have been
Mjw71772 says:
The only other golf dedicated site I frequent is the Skycaddie site so I can update my courses and add or delete courses as need for my upcoming rounds.
KVSmith59 says: :)
banatmfees says:
heeey where's the love??
i like this site too! :) :)
wrhall02 says:
oob is my main golf portal.

For Mexico centric content and tournament info, I also surf: (info golf america) (Federacion Mexicana de Golf, the USGA equivalent)
menevets says:
I read too because he's great at aggregating various sources for the majors and big events and posts links to interesting articles and general golf news.

I also like and for forums. also has a podcast and good articles. I only use for the scores and player stats. It is a beast of a site and just takes forever, in internet time, to load.

For golf news,

I'm not a big fan of golf digest, golf magazine, si or espn - just too much crass commercialism, too many ads. I'll read them if there's an interesting article, interview or swing sequence.

One handy site for checking lofts, because I'm always looking at clubs, new or used, is
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