$2M for showing up... I'd laugh too.
Golf Matters This Week ... On Time Delay
By Kickntrue on 11/5/09
Hey Tiger, Phil and most other big names are playing golf this weekend, which means golf matters. There is a downside... live golf is tough to watch in China. Sure, you could try to set your Tivo to record GolfChannel's coverage but in this day and age it's just too hard to not find the results. I can't watch something when I already knows what happens.

At any rate, the first round of the HSBC Champions is in the books and Tiger is 3 back of Nick Watney who shot a 64 to break tie the course record. Tiger shanked his first shot so badly that caddie Steve Williams had to walk off an additional 40 yards on his own just to get back to the yardage book numbers.

I guess the question I have for you- do you care with the big guys in action, or do you just ignore this week and the results while the big boys collect their fat appearance fee checks?

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mmontisano says:
for us folks on central standard, the tournament starts at 10pm. so i get to watch an hour or 2 of it before i go to bed. Watney was making every putt he looked at. it was great to watch!

and a minor correction. he only tied the course record.
Mjw71772 says:
They need to schedule these events around 96 Hour liberties for the Military, this way I dont have to lose sleep, I can stay up late and sleep in, and not have to worry about trying to watch it on DVR before someone I at work talks about it.
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