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Australia To Ban Cell Phones And Cameras
By Kickntrue on 11/9/09
Tiger is coming to Australia and the tourney has banned cell phones and cameras from the event. After Tiger's frustrating week in China where he was constantly bothered all week by uneducated and/or rude fans, would anyone be surprised if Tiger called ahead to his commitment in Australia and told them he wasn't coming unless they took care of business? I sure wouldn't. Either way- it's a good move- one that has been in place in the USA for years. It just makes sense.

It will be Tiger's first tournament in Australia in 11 years and the 25k tickets for the four tournament days have been sold out completely.

We'll see if Tiger can bounce back from his performance in China where he fell flat on Sunday to quickly drop out of contention. He has now lost 3 of the last 4 events where he has started in the final group- unheard of from Tiger.

The guys over at Golf.com are acting as if the sky is falling- a bit of an overreaction and a testament to the ridiculous high standards we hold Tiger to. As Alan Shipnuck says, "Imagine what we'd be writing if Rory McIlroy had won six Tour events this year!"

Cam Ban

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ipv6freely says:
Banning cell phones and cameras... just because Tiger is a baby?
bducharm says:
I totally support banning cell phones and cameras at ALL golf events! They are VERY distracting and can really cause issues. I had an incident at our Member-Guest a couple of years ago, with a photographer that had NO clue about etiquette. He started snapping in my back swing and the result was not pretty. All I could hear was that damn shutter. We had a discussion later on about that...I didn't go Steve Williams on him but I sure wanted to...
Backquak says:
maybe they should start playing some music or something to get the noise level up a bit so the cameras and phones are no longer an issue, I mean the pros all say its not the noise, its the change from quiet to noise thats the problem, so lets make some noise.
Kickntrue says:
@ipv6freely- cell phones and cams are banned all over for golf in the USA. this is just "catching up" on the times.
oobscott2 says:
i text message while playing golf and my friends dont care
i guess that is different than the snapping sound of a camera though
jeremyheslop says:
I'm all for the ruling, but I distinctly remember SLR shutters going off during tee shots during the FedEx cup matches. Maybe it was the pro shooters closer to the mic than the player. Either way it could be distracting, but you think the pros would be used to it by now.
KVSmith59 says:
maybe they should ban birds tweeting, and the occasional barking dog....also, during the HSBC, I heard cars honking in the background. On tournament days all cars/traffic should be diverted away from the golf course. If I can hit a drive right down the middle of the fairway while my friends are yapping in the background, I'm thinking your average pro can handle it.
Swingem says:
Snipers should be hired (with silencers of course) to rid the tournament and surrounding areas of; birds, barking dogs, cell phone users, photographers, noisey traffic, planes flying overhead, and anything else that Tiger might deem a distraction. Perhaps then he wouldn't walk around looking like he hasn't taken a S%!+ in three days, like he did in China.
Sodasai says:
I think playing a round with your friends and being in a huge event like that is a little different, just a little. I don't even mind when my friends are talking sh*t to me as I'm swing a club or making a putt. Then again I'm not trying to uphold my reputation and make birdy every time.
gdouglas says:
Would you have a different opinion if your were playing for $1.2M and trying to bounce back from a few bad shoots? Of course you would, so for those that's bashing Tiger, you would be pissed as well. He's not trying to win a couple of bucks off his buddies like us, he's trying to break records that have been in place for decades and collect the pay checks that come with it.
Kurt the Knife says:
They banned comms and cams at the President's Cup and it was no big deal.
The pro photogs still had gear but were respectful and professional in their use.

As an aside,I stood next to Tiger on the rope at 16 for a coupla minutes and it took 3 strokes off my game.
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