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Golf And Gender Equality
By Kickntrue on 11/9/09
Don't be fooled by the title of this post- it's not an essay, just an example of golf being stupid and a couple words.
This week, the Irish Supreme Court permitted one of most prestigious clubs in the country to continue to bar women from becoming full members.

In a 3-2 vote, the court ruled the Portmarnock Golf Club, on the seaside near Dublin, wasn't violating Ireland's Equal Status Act because an anti-discrimination law, which came into effect in 2000, allowed exceptions for exclusively male and female clubs.

Three Irish Supreme Court judges, one a woman, noted that under current laws clubs can restrict membership to one if the "principal purpose is to cater only for the needs of persons of a particular gender." For Portmarnock, the purpose was "social fraternization."
I think my favorite part is that a female judge was essentially the vote that carried the issue. Of course a judge is supposed to uphold a law, not call it BS. That is the legislation's job to create better laws.

I know this issue exists in the USA (Augusta National, anyone?) and I'm sure other places as well so I'm not trying to isolated a club in the UK, the story just fit. This issue for me actually goes way beyond a club denying a female member. If they want to miss out on dues and everything else from a perfectly qualified person, screw them.

My issue is more from the perspective of women and the way they are treated by the "golf industry" in general. Unless you are a top notch female player (which only happens by playing enough to wade through the crap) you are at a supreme disadvantage and an afterthought on the golf course. While men often have 3 or 4 sets of tees to play- women often only have 1- and maybe 2 if they want to go up a level and play the shortest men's tees. The thing is- I see a lot of course ratings/slopes on a daily basis, and what I see time and time again is that women's rating/slope for the shortest tees on the course are usually equal to if not tougher than the any of the men's tees with the exception of maybe the tips. Women have no secondary option to make the game shorter and more enjoyable to their game. Do you think as many men would stick with golf if they were forced to play the tips the first 20 times they ever played? That's essentially what women are forced to experience.

This is just one area of course- but my biggest pet peeve on the subject. The rest of the crap women have to deal with is pretty much caused by men just being chauvinistic punks. Not much you can do about that... but at least make it so a woman can walk into the game and play it enjoyably. Plus- who's kidding who, an attractive female playing golf is just about the greatest site most male golfers could imagine- shouldn't we foster an environment for this to happen more?


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Torleif Sorenson says:
Excellent post, Andrew. Just a point on course access in the U.S.: Isn't Butler National ( www.oobgolf.com/courses/course/4507/) actually one of the worst offenders? I thought I read that women aren't permitted there, period.

At least Augusta National ( www.oobgolf.com/courses/course/4148/) lets women play there as guests, but of course they are a few decades behind in admitting a female member. Judy Bell and Carol Semple Thompson would be very deserving of membership given their Curtis Cup careers and commitments to amateur golf - the very thing they celebrate at Masters time.
drew1473 says:
Great post! I definitely agree with the above. My soon to be wife was the one who got me started playing golf about 4 years ago. Now, she kinda wishes she didnt, apparently I am obsessed. But I am not complaining. Definitely one of the greatest sights is seeing a very good looking woman playing golf.
cheymike says:
I've never understood the "no women allowed" mentality. It makes no sense to me at all from any perspective. I think one of the nicest sites on the golf course is an attractive female hitting a booming drive down the middle, or jumping for joy at making a 20' putt.
In addition, my best friend and playing partner (my wife) should be able to join me on ANY course that I want to pay and play.
If some in the golfing community want to be able to escape the wife, tell dirty jokes, smoke cigars, drink, and chat in a "mens only" atmosphere then build a men's only bar at the clubhouse. But while you are at it, build a women's only bar and a "both sexes" bar too. The ladies just might want to escape the hubby too. LOL!
Ben Crane says:
If the women are playing golf, who's going to drive the beer cart?
falcon50driver says:
The hat is awesome and flirty.
falcon50driver says:
I'm not following the logic........"If some in the golfing community want to be able to escape the wife, tell dirty jokes, smoke cigars, drink, and chat in a "mens only" atmosphere, then build a men's only bar at the clubhouse..".........Isn't that what they did? They built a men's only golf course.
cheymike says:
WAS the course built to be "men only" on purpose, or was it built during a time when women weren't even "allowed" to play golf so the thought never entered anyone's mind? Then one day Janie showed up and said, "Hey, I'm playing golf." OH MY.. Now it has to be men only because we can't let these uppity women play golf with us. Next they might want to vote!
Patrick McKay says:
Why can't Men have their own pastime? If I was to give every single male golfer a magical truth serum, the large majority would prefer if women were not on the course. 9 times out of 10 it is agonizing to play behind a group of women.
Trav says:
"Why can't Men have their own pastime? If I was to give every single male golfer a magical truth serum, the large majority would prefer if women were not on the course. 9 times out of 10 it is agonizing to play behind a group of women."

This is an idiotic statement. Much of the time it is said by older men who are not nearly as good as the women they want to stay away from. That's not a truth serum you've got, it's an halucinatory potion.

Maybe we should ban women from other fields, too, like driving, since most men donlt liek being around women drivers. Or voting - really, most guys think it's absurd to let women vote, so why not fix this too?

Let's get started.
ipv6freely says:
Let me say this up front: I have ZERO problem with women playing golf. In fact, theres nothing I find sexier than a girl in one of those little skorts.

HOWEVER. I also have no problem with a PRIVATE course being men only. If it's private, they can permit anyone they like. As the quote above states, there's no reason why it cant be a mens-only or a womens-only club. It's really none of anyones business, if its a private club. They are more than welcome to start their own private club too.

I agree 100% with @merlin2driver.
c5agalb says:
Wow, I did'nt know the golf industry and golf in general hated women so much. Maybe the PGA and USGA along with Augusta National need to start an apology tour.
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