Snipers Shoot Foxes; Treehuggers Mad
By Kickntrue on 11/10/09
A Scottish club has hired snipers to get rid of their fox problem and now the wildlife activists are going crazy.
John Patrick, of Scotland For Animals, said: "There are several humane methods of discouraging foxes - hiring marksmen to creep around in the dead of night blasting bullets about the place isn't one of them."

One member - who doesn't want to be named - said one fox shot last month was left in distress for ten minutes before being finished off. He said: "It was writhing about."

But the club have refuted these claims.

A spokesman said: "We have humanely and legally with expertise shot one or two foxes who have damaged the course with the knowledge of police."
Missing from this quote (and important to the story) is that the foxes were digging up the golf course ruining greens and bunkers.

Hmmm... which side of the fence to be on... oh, you already figured that out when the title said "treehuggers," huh? I'm not going to go off on this whole rant about them being JUST ANIMALS but seriously, come-on. Do wildlife lovers know what would happen if there was no hunting, no animal population control? Plus- I want to see one of these people so in love with animals like foxes face one from about 10 feet away. They ain't puppies, kids.

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StxLax says:
A course by me, called Fox Hollow, has foxs. The coolest thing i ever saw, one day i jsut hit my approach shot and headed toward the green and the next fariway over watch this fox hunt a squirl catch it, then run off. It was awesome. But i have never seen damage on the course that looked like foxes casued it.
woobwoob says:
Snipers are more humane as opposed to traps. Who would want to look for their slice and get their foot caught in a trap?

The question is what hunts a fox? Why not just have a hound dog sniff them out for you and perform a traditional fox hunt on a small scale. If you have a problem with mice, you get a cat, not an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon.
cheymike says:
I'll take the AR10.. cat boxes stink.
woobwoob says:
@cheymike: HAHAHHA
trikai says:
@ Fore play. Nowhere in the article did it say anything about overpopulation of Foxes therefor your comment about hunting makes zero sense and when was the last time a golfer was attacked by a fox? Perhaps you have a ankle biting lap dog, therefor your concern with foxes. I would watch out for Bald Eagles too then. Sorry, you can't shoot those.

If you are worried about holes in your golf course supposedly cause by foxes, I propose getting rid of the hacks at your country club. I mean, they're "Just Animals". "Blue Team, take him out!"
peachlarson says:
At my home club, Hiawatha, in the heart of the city of Minneapolis, just last Saturday I witnessed a fox track down a squirrel and run was very "Animal Kingdom" like.

The course superintendant just leaves them alone as they have not done any damage as of yet.
blake_p says:
If the foxes are really causing that much of an issue and hunting them is legal then that is fine with me. I do not like that one of them was distressed for 10 minutes after it got shot, but I think a fox caught in a trap would be worse off.
falcon50driver says:
WHAT ?......... You can't shoot bald eagles?.......... They taste almost as good as Whooping Cranes or California Condors.
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