Golf Ball Littering Troubling To Some
By Kickntrue on 11/10/09
Seriously, what's up with environmentalists picking on golfers today? Now they think lost golf balls are going to cause the world's demise.
Research teams at the Danish Golf Union have discovered it takes between 100 to 1,000 years for a golf ball to decompose naturally. A startling fact when it is also estimated 300 million balls are lost or discarded in the United States alone, every year. It seems the simple plastic golf ball is increasingly becoming a major litter problem.
While these numbers may be true, and I have no doubt they are- let's consider some other facts as well. A lot of the 300 million balls lost are then found and replayed- hence, recycling- which everyone knows is great for the environment.

Also- and maybe more importantly- pretty much every ball lost has some sort of logo on it. Sure, it may be just from the company like "Titleist" but there are others that are logo'd in other ways... so marketing. Yes- losing golf balls is actually a marketing expense, which is why I'd advice everyone to play balls marked with the logo of their current company. You can actually write off losing golf balls (you may want to run this one by your accountant before just trying it). Truth be told- just changing lost balls to a marketing expense doesn't change the fact that it takes 1000 years for a ball to decompose, but it's a heck of a justification in the mind of a golfer who feels bad about it. For just a LITTLE damage to the environment- I can market myself and my company for 1000 years. Find me one executive who won't jump at that.

I'll take my chances living with 10 billion golf balls scattered across the earth (mostly at the bottom of ponds) and spend my time worrying about spending 45 minutes in the same restaurant as a smoker, which is just obscene that it's still legal in some places.

Seriously CNN- go find a real story.

Thanks to Ben Crane and woobwoob for the link.

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Ben Crane says:
If I could get some kind of government bailout money to replace my current income I would gladly every course in my area and gather up these environmental hazards.
Backquak says:
1000 years of advertising? Now I have an excuse to play pro v1s. I mean advertising is expensive, but I loose alot of golf balls so it s time to start making it a business expense, no more radio commercials, from now on I will play golf with the money I was wasting on a 30 second commercial, 1000 years of advertising for $5 a ball, and the more I play the more I loose, the more I advertise.
Do you think this will fly with the wifey?
lcgolfer64 says:
@Ben Crane
I'm with ya. We could do it for our children, for the earth! I'm becoming a 'Greenie' (pun intended) if this what I could do full time is chase an errant drive every day and save the earth (and find some pro V's) and get paid for it. Heck I'd even work weekends! I'm all in, let me know where I sign up...
TeT says:
Well I have yet to have one of my golf balls hit water and bounce off because the pond is full of balls.... Also if you are sandwiched between the 5.5 hr groups ahead of you and speed golfers behind; sprinkle a handfull of "found balls" Between the green and cart path. Its like Easter and will give you at least a 1 hole breather space until you can pass.
Bryan K says:
Hmm...seems to me that all of my local courses actually have companies that pay to come out to clean all of the lost balls out of the ponds. Now the ones that get washed away by the river are probably a different story, but I'm guessing that they make up a tiny fraction of the 300 gajillion balls that are lost every year.
k-von says:
I played one of my handful of games without losing a ball today, so now I can also take pride in being an environmentalist. Extra stoked!
Banker85 says:
im sure most of those balls are found and replayed like he said. but how about we worry about real problems, golbal warming, crime, drugs geez leave us golfers alone.
Matt Otskey says:
I'm actually going to a course tomorrow to search the woods for stray balls =] I plan on spending about 4 hours there, and maybe finding some good ones, and selling them on Ebay hahaha. It's ALMOST as good as actually playing
cvargo says:
through our local website for ads: i buy used balls all the time! Last deal i got was 100 callaway warbird plus for 20 bucks. All in great condition. I'm new to the game and i have never bought new balls.
ksu_FAN says:
I have to confess, I contribute a lot to the problem. Every golf ball I have ever bought I've lost (besides the couple dozen I have now that are waiting to be lost). :)

I also often buy used golf balls. I'm not good enough to tell the difference anyway.
oobscott2 says:
@ Ben Crane
this is not totally related to the article, but its related to what you said about bailout money
my dad works with a guy (at another company), and apparently this other guy works for some department of the government, and this department is responsible for handing out the bailout money. His job is to hand out X amount per week. Well, according to this guy, he is having trouble handing it out fast enough, and is getting in trouble with his superiors. My dad quoted him as saying,"I am drowning in a sea of cash" (what a problem to have, right?).
well in any case, maybe you should run your idea past him? haha
Matt Otskey says:
I helped the cause today, found 500 balls at the course I went to. ON ONE HOLE!!!!! Only spent 1.5 hours there because the sun decided to set =[ I'll be back to cover the whole course soon.
c5agalb says:
Nothing sweeter then finding 2 dozen balls while waiting for the foursome ahead of you to clear the green. Last round, I found 17 balls in a manner of minutes while waiting. With the balls found, I figure I recouped my green fee. With all the Pro V1's I find, I figure I save $300 or $400 a year if I bought then new.
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