Adam Scott Does Not Need Slumpbuster
By Kickntrue on 11/12/09
Adam Scott insists "hot chicks" are not the source of his bad 2009.
Scott's still not sure what caused his drop from 3rd to 62nd in the world rankings, but he's sure it wasn't his relationship with tennis player Ana Ivanovic as some commentators suggested, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.


Fellow Tour Player Retief Goosen believes that Scott's game will return to form, but he's got other ideas about what caused his slump. "Scotty's still young and he has a lot of hot chicks on his mind," Goosen said in the November issue of Golf Magazine. "I'm sure once he gets over that his game will be back."
So... some say Adam Scott does need a slumpbuster (completely offensive link), while he says he doesn't. I'll believe the people who had to watch him play terrible golf this year- and frankly, Goosen sounds like he's speaking from experience.

Despite his terrible play- Scott is STILL famous, good looking and a celebrity in the sports world- so his target will have to be well-known, which is convenient for us because it means we can speculate who the lucky lady should be.

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Or I guess he could try this- SlumpBuster Energy Drink

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Backquak says:
does it have to be an ugly chick? or just a step down from the current chick? i don't know who Ana is, but if she's like a 7 or 8, maybe all he'd have to do is step down to a 5 or 6. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge that the slumpbuster works? Should we submit it to mythbusters? They did pretty good on the golf ball dimples and the hangover myths.
mjaber says:
Mythbusters did pretty good with the "Trees are 90% air" myth, too. They even got/built an iron byron clone to test with.
kidputter says:
Adam could step down to an 8. Ana is a frigging knockout. She can even play a little tennis. And yes, Slumpbuster really DOES work. Enough said.
Backquak says:
He finished T6 this last weekend, maybe he did the slumpbuster, where was Ana last week?
You know someone is gonna tell her about the slumpbuster suggestion, and then if his game turns around, she's gonna get suspicious.
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