Is Jack #1?
35 Most Powerful People In Golf
By Kickntrue on 11/13/09
Golf Inc. has published their annual list of the most powerful people in golf. It's a fine list- but has flaws.

All you need to know this this- Tiger Woods is only #3. Jack Nicklaus is #1 and Dana Garmany & Hud Hinton together are #2. I know, right? I'm asking the same question as you, but I cheated and read ahead so I'll fill you in; they are the Chairmen & CEO respectively of Troon Golf.

Here is the thing- Power can be defined in a lot of ways, but I think the bottom line is this, a person can be in a position of power (like Garmany and Hinton) but a truly powerful person would leave a hole if they were not gone, and had to be replaced. I have no doubt Garmany and Hinton would be tough to replace- but I bet they'd find someone, and frankly probably have someone already in the company being groomed to do so.

Even Jack Nicklaus as amazing as he is for golf now and in the past, and with everything he's doing for the game can't replicate the "power" of Tiger Woods and what he means to the current game. If Jack passed, it would be a HUGE loss and the sport would mourn, but golf would move on, because well, people get older and they do in fact pass. If Tiger Woods died today, golf would be in trouble. Big trouble. Every single person on this list would be directly impacted as would amateur golfers by the trickle down ramifications. That- is power and is why no matter what you think of Tiger Woods as a person or a golfer, he has to be #1.

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jeremyheslop says:
In listening to the fine podcasts over at they've mentioned multiple times about these type of top 10/25/50/100 lists before. Mostly it is just a way to fill up pages. A bunch of guys sitting around making an arbitrary list. That being said the article did say "individuals who influence the business of golf". I think the list would be different if it was those who influence golf in general and agree with your statements if it was a more generalized list.
Kickntrue says:
@jeremyheslop- fair point, but Tiger going away today would still be the greatest influence(and worst possible scenario) possible on the business of all golf.
jeremyheslop says:
I totally agree with that. Not that I would stop buying golf balls or paying greens fees, but their would be an overall shock to the game.
Banker85 says:
KNOCK ON WOOD. Tiger has to be #1 whoever wrote deserves a nice smack in the head. maybe two smacks.
jeremyheslop says:
There needs to be an edit for comments. Their=there correct use of a word fail :)
kidputter says:
Tiger is only as powerful as the media, NIKE and the PGA make him. It seems the younger members here don't remember the impact Jack had/has on the game evolving to allow the media to create the hype for a phenom to emerge. Greatness came along with Woods and greatness will come again. Might take a few decades. Who knows?
Torleif Sorenson says:
There's a difference between power and *influence*. Jack Nicklaus, Garmany and Hinton, Tim Finchem, et al may have considerable clout and financial power NOW, but certain people not on that list may be more influential over the long-term. Nicklaus has the awesome playing record and name recognition, but his courses tend to be unaffordable for most people like me, or private courses where the general golfing public is not at all welcome. If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

I would MUCH rather find out about upcoming courses and "plans up his sleeve" from Mike Keiser (developer of the Bandon Dunes resort) and other owners/developers who also appreciate traditionalist architecture. Those of us who continue to flock to courses designed by Tom Doak, David McLay Kidd, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, and their acolytes may help influence the "current powers" to build courses that don't cost your children's inheritance to gain membership or access.
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