Streelman is richer today.
Kevin Streelman Wins Kodak Challenge
By Kickntrue on 11/16/09
For all of the crap I've talked about the Kodak Challenge this year- I do keep writing about it. Well done, sir. Well done. First- since most of you still probably don't know what the Kodak Challenge is- a quick explanation. So each event on the PGA Tour (not every event mind you, just most) had a specific hole that was the Kodak Challenge hole. Over the course of the season, players stats were kept at each of the Kodak Challenge holes and the whoever had the best 18 hole's was the winner (like playing your best 5 card hand in a 7 card stud game).

Kevin Streelman was the big winner and for him, the Kodak Challenge was certainly a success, since he won a check for $1,000,000. While a $1M check to one of the bigger names on Tour would be nice, for Streelman it was VERY nice, since his year's earnings were "only" $1,007,444. So basically, he doubled his year-to-date earnings by grinding it out all year on Tour.

My issue with the whole Kodak Challenge concept is that it was basically a tournament for the sub-tier Tour players. How can I get excited to follow something where I can never really follow it? One quick fix, would be to make it so the hole only was "in-play" for the Kodak Challenge for one of the four rounds at each event. The way things were set up this year- someone could birdie a hole on Thursday, miss the cut, and they were still moving up the leaderboard. The winner of the Kodak Challenge would never have to make a cut or even keep his card on Tour. I'd never be able to tune in to see any of it... and it just kind of sucks. At least make it so it only counts on Sunday and it's a hole on the back 9, so people have a realistic chance of seeing the players play the hole with a little pressure.

Anyway- congrats to Streelman- and his family who just upgraded their Thanksgiving turkey. Another cool Streelman note- I think he's the first PGA Tour player with his own iPhone app. You pay $4.99 and he walks you through a series of drills and instruction. You would have thought one of the big names in golf would have jumped on this awhile ago.

Streelman Wins Kodak Challenge
Kodak Challenge Home
Streelman's iPhone App (Opens iTunes)

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Banker85 says:
ya your version sucks. no offense. i think the way it is now gives them more opportunites for lead changes and i wanted to see all birdies or eagles for each of his counting scores. i thought the winner would be around -20 or lower. Good for Streelman though he won more $$$ than Stephen Ames did yesterday.
Kickntrue says:
@banker85- more changes yes, more drama, no way. Going into the last 3 events, it was already over. Streelman's lead was too big. If it were only 1 whole per weekend- I'm sure going into the last event about 20 people could've won, especially if they made sure to do the last couple events on par 5s.
usagolfer says:
you guys have got to cut the non top 10 guys some slack. these top guys had as much chance to win as any of the up and comers. maybe they make too much money and only care for the win. it's nice to see some guys work hard and push to add some excitement to the tourneys
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