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Music For Golf
By Kickntrue on 9/22/10

What music do you listen to on the way to the golf course? Is it your "regularly scheduled programming" or do you switch it up to get in a zone?

I mostly curious to see if some of you are conscious of your choices and how it may alter your mood. I can't really say that I make a consistent effort to listen to the same style of type of music in relation to my golf game, but the idea doesn't sound crazy. I have a scramble group I play multiple events a year with, and we used to always listen to the same song right before getting out of the car together. We've stopped that tradition, mostly because the song was lame and we've grown up a little bit (a VERY little bit), but I must admit, it did always get us ready to go.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with personality, but I wonder what type of music would be best? I could see merits in Rachmaninoff, Weezer or Lil' Wayne, but it does seem each of those types of music would alter your mood in one way or another.

So- open forum. Share your thoughts and any routines you may have. For participating you're entering a contest to win a dozen Nike Crush golf balls. I'll pick the winner on Thursday morning.


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crowdan says:
Definately Lionel Richie
rmumph1 says:
I always listen to sports radio in the car, doesn't matter where I'm going.
bducharm says:
My favorite is Metallica - Enter Sandman!!! That would be my intro music if golf had that!!! :-)
Banker85 says:
I tried golfing with my ipod once, it was a disaster. timing was all thrown off so that lasted like 2 1/2 holes. I like me some Bob Marley "dont worry be happy" keeps me mellow and has a smooth tempo.
stringbean79 says:
I just leave the radio on in the background. Usually because I'm trash talking my playing partner on the ride to the course!
Jattruia says:
Hmm...probably any song featured on the Fox hit tv show, Glee....sung by the cast.


Seriously though, lately it's been The Roots.
Swingem says:
Guns and Roses, Appetite For Destruction. Great going into a competitive round.
birdieXris says:
I listen to whatever is on the radio. Funny thing is, i'm gonna lose my man-card for this, i've been playing better when the last thing i hear is Lady Gaga or something poppy. For real, Kesha's Tic-Toc - Lady Gaga Just Dance - and Uncle Kracker Smile have been stuck in my head the last few times i went out and do WONDERS for the putting tempo. LOL. Infectious songs FTW.
knthornt says:
Pretty much whatever is on the radio... but I can certainly imagine my tempo being a bit off if I was listening to somthing like heavy metal right before teeing off
Kickntrue says:
@birdieXris- you are right about the man-card thing. Please return it by COB today!
KVSmith59 says:
ozzy - crazy train
Swingem says:
@birdieXris-No worries bro! I've been diggin the Gaga as well. Maybe we can get a discount on those Ryder Cup team uniforms. Come to think of it, maybe they can include a Saturday afternoon uniform made of Rib-eye steaks for the Ryder Cup.
mjaber says:
Whatever is on the radio.

@Banker85- "Don't Worry Be Happy" was by Bobby McFerrin
Swingem says:
Embarrassing but true. The theme song for our annual Bandon trip has been...Eminem - "FACK". Don't ask..better yet, don't listen, especially if your children are anywhere in the vicinity.
jev says:
The music that's generated by my car's exhausts :D
Matt Otskey says:
Memories by Kid Cudi not the greatest lyrically speaking, but it certainly gets me ready to go.
wesley243 says:
anything zz top
askarzy says:
bob marley "buffalo soldier"
dottomm says:
I always think about a line from the book "The Match" about Harvey Ward getting himself psyched up listening to Big Band music and how it would help him get into a great swinging rhythm. Me. I like silence.
Scott Shields says:
here is southeast michigan its 97.1 FM all day everyday (sports talk)
Kurt the Knife says:
On the way to the club:
All'Alba vincero, vinCERO VINCEEEEROOOO!!!!

After the round?
ppinkert says:
Radio? My truck has a Radio? Oh yeah.. I guess it came with one. I don't use it anymore. Music is just sound to me these days. I prefer the quiet to think about my game and perhaps pray god will help me keep my swing smooth and true.
ppinkert says:
sorry should be "God" will help me keep my swing smooth and true...
Zepo1a says:
I listen to the Stan and Haney show (K-rock 96.1 Ft Myers Fl.) on the way to the course in the afternoons usually. Any other time, any classic rock will do.
homermania says:
Usually try to keep it mellow. There was a period in high school where I would always have a great round after listening to Elton John's "Tumbleweed Connection" album. I always play well when I'm hearing "Amoreena" in my head.
ponderous says:
If I have any song with even a moderately quick tempo in my head by the time I get to the course, I'm skee-roooood. To counteract this, I always have at least one slow-tempo song ready to whistle on the first tee. Lately that song has been the opening bars of the Avett Brothers embarrassingly titled, "I and Love and You." The tempo is the perfect antidote for my violently overswinging tendencies.
TWUES17 says:
Horrorcore rap, no question.
upah says:
Allman Brothers. Great golf music!
svj says:
lamb of god, mudvayne,or mushroomhead... let the rage out from working all week and not seeing a course for 5 days...
greendevil says:
Last year when I was playing league, I liked to listen to Black Eyed Peas' "Tonite's Gonna Be a Good Night". It made me think positive and got me pumped to play; and that positivity helped me stay competitive.

Now that I'm not in league, I'll listen to anything. I don't get pumped for non-competitive golf.
erickbelus says:
I like uptempo Jazz. It gives me good "swing" thoughts....
wrhall02 says:
"It's Alright," by Big Head Todd and the Monsters.


"Boom, boom," by John Lee Hooker (the best version is JLH playing with BHT & TM)
garthspaulding says:
eye of the tiger
cmuidiot says:
Never really gave it much thought about the same song, always listened to whatever is on the radio or on the phone trying to explain to the wife why I suddenly won't be home for dinner.
jbird2011 says:
I actually play with music on all the time. Portable speakers when I play by myself in a cart, headphones when I'm walking. The right music gets me in a great rhythym. Try it, has changed my game.
mdbuschsr says:
When I'm trying to get pumped... Queensryche. Classic Hair band from the 80's

When I need to mellow out... Michael Buble, not much he can't sing!
falcon50driver says:
Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb", or Fleetwood Mac's "Go your own way"
jfurr says:
Mulatu Astatke
stedar says:
Hard rock. Enter the sandman (or anything by Metallica) helps.
Strangely enough, the 1812 overture is what plays in my head at each ball address. The tempo (like rock music) is just right for the swing.
No idea why listening to rock music on the way to the course and then hearing the 1812 at address works like it does. If I just listen to the radio station and it is pop music playing, the 1812 disappears along with my swing rhythm.
Great question to ask - never thought about it 'til now :-)
munk24 says:
Listen to sybervision music or Tour Tempo, puts your mind in correct tempo for swing. either that or PGA Tour Network on XM
Matt F says:
Whatever is playing on the radio at the time, but Monday's on the way to league, it FM talk on WMMS Cleveland (the Alan Cox Show).

mantajim says:
white_rabbitt says:
Early in the season my league partner and i will listen to different songs/artists and if we have a good round, then that will be the song/artist that we listen to before every match. (yes, very superstitious!) This year, it happened to be an Eminem song. It just put us in a confident and upbeat mood.
woobwoob says:
The theme from Airwolf... :) developes a can-do attitude.
dbrake0 says:
David Yurik says:
No music. We discuss bets and what we're not going to do today ( 3 putt ).
deniwian says:
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