Tiger To Be Honorary Captain For Cal vs Stanford
By Kickntrue on 11/17/09
Tiger Woods will be inducted in the Stanford University Hall of Fame this weekend. He will also be serving as an honorary captain for the Big Game. I guess that means he gets to flip the coin or something? Maybe call it in the air?

Anyway- I'm sure this is news, but more importantly it gives me an excuse to post this video from last weekend of the Stanford band punking Joe Francis of "Girls Gone Wild" fame. The video contains some strong language as the USC fans begin to realize what is happening ON THEIR OWN FIELD!

Love it!

Here's to hoping the band is yet again on the field this weekend, and I'm not talking about playing at halftime.

Captain Tiger
Band Story

And... if you're still with me- and that pumped you up for some football- here is the Michigan State band doing a reenactment of the Stanford/Cal final play. Well done.

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