Doug Barron's Appeal Denied
By Kickntrue on 11/17/09
I was probably a little hard on Doug Barron the other day. Too bad the courts are too. His appeal of his drug suspension was denied by the courts. Pretty much down to the last person, people are saying how great a guy Doug is and how this is all a big mistake. Sure- "he is a great guy" gets thrown around a lot after a crime, but this is a little different with performance enhancing drugs. It's not like people were saying, "Barry Bonds? I could never imagine him taking stuff."

At any rate- because the PGA Tour players have no union, and are just a bunch of independent contractors, this isn't going to play out well for Barron. He's going to end up fighting this one all alone with the other players sitting on the sidelines.

Barron claims he was taking a prescribed medication that the PGA Tour was aware of.

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Shallowface says:
This is just sad. Barron has medical issues. He's taking the drugs he's taking just to try to be somewhat normal, not for any competitive advantage. When someone is not allowed to pursue his livelihood because he has to take certain medications for specific health issues, it just proves the world has gone stark raving mad. This needs to go all the way to The Supreme Court.
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