Hugh Knew? Grant Loves Golf
By Kickntrue on 11/18/09
Come get on the pun train and learn about Hugh Grant's obsession with golf. His quote, "I love golf more than women." Wow, what a Divine statement.
"When you say to a girl 'I play golf' her eyes glaze over. I do feel guilty about my golf. You know you're a sad case when you spend your spare time reading books on putting or going on YouTube to watch slow motion golf swings," the actor said.
Sad case?! You sound like an oober! Hugh- come on over!

Okay- so I made some jokes up top, but I have a confession to make. I love Hugh Grant. Seriously, everything he is in, he makes better. He made Notting Hill watchable. About A Boy a good cute movie. Love Actually is the best Christmas movie ever* and yes, I even watched Music and Lyrics. There is something about his mumbling, bumbling, stumbling demeanor that just makes him so dang appealing. I actually had no clue he was an avid golfer but now it's one of my new missions in life to play with him.

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* Statement not approved by Frank Capra, Bing Crosby, my wife, or Baby Jesus.

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Torleif Sorenson says:
And long after women have moved on to the next chick flick-movie star hunk, Hugh will still be welcome at the first tee. BTW, Andrew, how is it that you spend so much time in movie theatres and yet you *still* get more golf than I do?

"What a beautiful place a golf course is. From the meanest country pasture to the Pebble Beaches and Saint Andrews's of the world, a golf course is to me a holy ground. I feel God in the trees, and the grass and the flowers, and in the rabbits and the birds and the squirrels; in the sky and the water. I feel that I am home."
- legendary PGA teaching professional Harvey Penick (1905-1995)

"A day without golf is a day wasted."
- HRH The Prince Andrew, The Duke of York (1960- )
Tim Horan says:
Hugh Grant along with Christopher Lee featured heavily in one of the best golf books ever written. "The Swing Factory" They both spent months and months swinging away in a basement in London under tuition without playing golf out on course. Speaking from memory HG's handicap went from 18 to 10 within a very short time following the intensive tuition. Sean Connery did the same intensive swing training at The Swing Factory for the film Goldfinger. The Swing Factory teaches the Lesley King swing building method. Not a bad read but if you are already a golfer start with Part 2 and go back to Part 1 or you will discard the book as drivel before discovering the "buried treasure"
Banker85 says:
@torleif: i think its kind of part of his job.
@andrew: and i though JT was you man crush?
man i miss golf hate the weather here.
Kickntrue says:
@banker "@torleif" - I wish.

@banker- Dude.. you've never had a crush on two guys at the same time? ... wow- I should re-evaluate that statement postiCRAP!
falcon50driver says:
A day without sunshine is like.....night.
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