Eldrick Wins a Weird Looking Statue
By Kickntrue on 1/29/07
Eldrick wins the Buick Invitational, 7th PGA Tour victory in a row.. blah blah blah. More importantly- what the heck is up with the trophy? I recognize the Buick logo on the base, but what is the figurine? Is it something that is associated with Buick or is it an interpretive ..something? Insite would be much appreciated. All I know, is that it looks male, but has breasts.. and abnormally long arms.

If the trophy doesn't interest you and you'd rather read a story about Eldrick's win, click HERE

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klangdon says:
I think its an ornament that they snapped off a 1936 Buick. See picture:


Tiger should definately mount that thing on his new Buick...
Kickntrue says:

Well you kinda ruined all the intrigue and suspense on what that was. I guess I'm too young. Good research though. Now on to the next question... How many Buicks does Tiger have now, and do you really think he even accepts them, or does he just pass to save the $5k in taxes he would be forced to pay?
golfgirl says:
That's a beautiful trophy.
falcon50driver says:
Fantastic research Klang, I knew I'd seen that form somewhere before, but would never have been able to pinpoint it.
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