The Mess Of Doug Barron
By Kickntrue on 11/19/09
GolfChannel's Rex Hoggard takes a look at the Doug Barron situation and how it's a sad mix of unfortunate stuck in a thick sea of legalese. He compares Barron's "doping" with that of someone like cyclist Floyd Landis. While Landis has a team of doctors and scientists working to help him mask his drugs, Barron went to the PGA Tour, told them he needed to take something for his health, and when he was told it was banned, he did it anyway, for his health and family life.

The problem is- by the letter of the law- he broke the rules. It didn't matter that he tried to be honest and upfront. Hoggard compares his situation to that of golfer Casey Martin, and it's probably a fair look at things.

This whole situation is far from over- but as I mentioned a couple days ago, the fact that the PGA Tour golfers have no union, Barron's going to be fighting this one on his own, and I'm guessing he'll run out of money before the PGA Tour does. The only thing that will save him is a heart, and I'm not sure the PGA Tour does compassion.

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