Who Covers Golf The Best?
By Kickntrue on 11/19/09
What network is your favorite to watch a golf tournament? Is it the announcers, event, or the golf technology features that win you over?

Who are your favorite announcers? Least favorite?
What network covers the best events?
What network has the best technology?

Or... does it really only matter WHO is playing in the event?

Instead of sharing here- I'll save my preferences for the comments.

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bducharm says:
Any golf on TV is GOOD golf!!! All of the networks offer something different! CBS of course for The Masters and EVERYTHING Masters related. I really like the Mutual of Omaha Aim Point technology, showing the putting line. As far as broadcasters go, I love and hate Johnny Miller all at the same time. He says things that really get your blood boiling but MOST of the time he knows what he is talking about. Of course, my absolute favorite (and I would bet most people here) is David Feherty!!! He is the BEST.
mmontisano says:
for the most part, it doesn't really matter for me. just as long as i'm not getting assaulted with product placements or useless anecdotal stories, i'm okay.

really, my only complaints are that these stations need to show more tee and fairway shots. lay off on the putting. big putts are okay, but not the par tap ins. Golf Channel has WAY too many commercials also. a typical scenario for them is to show 2 shots, then have 2 minutes of commercials. 4 shots, more commercials. it gets annoying.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@hackman: I'm with you on commercial interruptions, but I don't have cable right now so I'd LOVE to have your problem.

@bducharm: You're right; Feherty is far and away the best on-course commentator. I can't take *too* many jabs at CBS Sports, but NBC's overall approach seems more exciting and upbeat than at CBS. Johnny Miller's first-guessing (rather than second-guessing) and his analysis are too good to miss.

One thing broadcasters need to give us is a discreetly-positioned "Fox box" telling us which tournament they're showing AND at which golf course. We've had this for virtually all team sports; why can't we have it for golf? It's been 14-15 years, there's no longer a legitimate excuse.
menevets says:
I cannot watch golf on US TV unless I can fast forward through the commercials and corporate honchos via DVR. You save about 20 minutes on the hour this way. BBC has fewer commercials and is more tolerable.

Zinger and Faldo were a pretty good team.

I'd love to see the satellite TV coverage where you can pick and choose who or what holes to watch made available on the internets and cable.

Best wish technology is to figure out a way to track the ball flight. Zoom shots on a ball in the sky just doesn't cut it.
mmontisano says:
too bad the BBC doesn't broadcast in HD though.
Banker85 says:
cant beat Verne Lundquist "Oh my goodness! Oh WOW!! IN YOUR LIFE, have you seen anything like that?" Tiger's chip in at the 2005 Masters. And 1986 "Maybe... YES SIR!" jack Nicholas's birdie putt.

and how about Gary Koch "Better than most, bettere than most, BETTER THAN MOST!" Tigers 60 foot birdie putt at TPC Sawgrass hole 17.

i love CBS coverage of the Masters with limited commercial interuptions.
Mjw71772 says:
The best coverage I have ever seen was when I was out to see burning squares in teh ocean on an Aircraft Carrier. The Commanding Officer was a big golfer and since we were out of typical sat reception for dish or direct tv or some other generic system, some calls were made and we actually got to link into the Network feed, which meant no commercial interuptions, ever wonder what the announcers talk about on commercials? Lets just say they have to clean up their language when coming back to air. Also, they get slightly more humorous. As far as regular network, CBS or NBC, as much as I love golf channel and know they have to pay the bills, I am sick of seeing the ad for the local course here that wants to drum up business. It is the GOLF CHANNEL, I am guessing they make enough money selling air time to the back pain relief thing to be able to give us more than 20 seconds of golf between commercials....though the overseas tourneys seem to get more playing time on camera.
dave1269 says:
While I appreciate Golf Channel's efforts once CBS & NBC head for the gridiron, their coverage is weak and overloaded with commercials. Love CBS, especially the banter between Feherty and McCord. The piece they did from Pebble in the lousy weather in February was memorable. McCord on 16 @ TPC Scottsdale!! Can we please have McCord back at Augusta and get rid of Clampett!!

My problem with NBC is.......Jimmy Roberts. I turn down the volume when he steps away from the interviews/essays, and starts calling the action. Do we really need know the exact distance of single putt?? "Phil putting from 4 feet, 11 inches" or "Shot Link says Vijay has 23 feet 2 inches to the hole". It's overkill on the technology!!
dave1269 says:
Should read: Do we really need to know the exact distance of every single putt??
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