Who Will Land 2016 Olympic Course?
By Kickntrue on 11/19/09
One of the fun storylines we get the pleasure of watching unfold over the next couple of years is who designs the 2016 Olympic golf course in Brazil. The good bet may be on Greg Norman, or at least that's where he wants you to put your money.
Recent shoulder surgery is keeping the former world number one out of action but that has not stopped him travelling to the United Arab Emirates this week, with the inaugural Dubai World Championship being played on Norman's Earth course - making it 14 of his lay-outs that have now staged tournaments. Another, he hopes, will be the Olympics in Brazil in 2016, when golf makes its first appearance on the medal programme since 1904.

"Fortunately for me I have a couple of projects going down there and one of the developers is very much involved with the Olympic movement. Fate fell in our lap, but whether we get the nod to be the golf course for it, I don't know," said Norman. "We will see how it plays out. There is a scramble. Whether it's (Jack) Nicklaus or Ernie Els or (Nick) Faldo, everybody would like to be that golf course, that's for sure."
I'm going to make a terrible movie quote reference, but midway through the hit* Lake Placid, one of the characters says, "Personally, I'm rooting for the Alligator." It'd take me three more paragraphs to set that up for those of you who don't get it, but it just feels right for this scenario.

They should give it to an aspiring... wait for it... BRAZILIAN! If their are no aspiring Brazilian, how about an Argentine? You can't tell me there isn't someone inspired by the play of Ángel Cabrera and Roberto De Vicenzo before him that would love the opportunity to build a prestigious course on South American soil. Heck- let them be "mentored" by a Nicklaus or Norman to oversee the project, but isn't the Olympic spirit about all nations, all creeds? Isn't the whole point of golf as an Olympic sport to expand it's global appeal?

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*complete flop

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