Dear Michelle,
By Kickntrue on 11/20/09
I'm pretty sure quitting after the 1st round of the first event after winning isn't what the fans want. No pain, no gain, Sweetie.



PS- I want 1/3 of your game.

PSPS- You know how when you say a word over and over eventually it just becomes meaningless and funny? Saying "Michelle" over and over turns funny really fast.

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munk24 says:
Did you watch her swing she was changing her swing to hit the ball, remember when she tried to play thru her wrist injuries, screwed her up for two years, shes been in pain for weeks, cant compare her to Tiger, Tiger knew he was going to have surgery after The Open,With all the rain they are getting in Texas, the course will be soggy, even more pain, cant blame her on this one
Kickntrue says:
@munk24- fair point. that did set her back for awhile. the LPGA needs her next year- to be in top form.
Kurt the Knife says:
saying wie,wie,wie over and over turns funny faster
activesense says:
lol steelballs, I was thinking exactly that as I read the PSS
Banker85 says:
activesense says:
I was just copying what was in the text above. I didn't realise the error until you pointed it out.
thiggins200 says:
Mr Munk - do you really believe in her wrist injury - the one that let her disrespect Annika by quitting her tourn. - just before she was going to shoot herself out of playing privilges?

Wie's ankle injury is just as creative as her manufactured wrist injury. Wie is a "drama queen" who craves attention - and almost always for the wrong reasons.

After winning a tourn. she would generate great positive attention, but also, the realization that paople will expect it again.

She would rather get pity and attention in ways that she can control and count on - phoney injuries.

Now she doesn't have to produce something she does not believe she can accomplish.
munk24 says:
Yes I do, she had a fracture, and yes she disrespected Annika, I was down there,
She has had poor management and has made many bad decisions, her stepping in hole was caught on camera both at Solheim and in Alabama, Im not arguing with a lot of your points, but she definitely was in pain and her swing was affected. She didnt shoot a bad score, but she had definitely altered her swing, to compensate, if you watched any of the round especially at the last you could see it plain as day
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