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Which PGA'ers Love The Ganja?
By Kickntrue on 11/21/09
Sexy title- and I have no names for you, but we could know soon, if Doug Barron's case keeps moving up through the courts. While the PGA Tour has maintained that Barron is the first to test positive for performance enhancing drugs, they have not denied the fact that some may have tested for recreational drugs along the way. They have not disclosed those names (if they do exist) and the Tour is known for being pretty tight-lipped. Unlike other sports organizations, the PGA Tour does not disclose fines or any disciplinary measures.

Basically- if Tiger falls off the face of the world for 5 weeks he may be suspended, or he may just be hanging out with his stupidly hot wife. We'll never know.

If Doug Barron continues to push his case through the courts, which looks likely, the courts could force the PGA Tour to disclose more of their drug testing results, which could become aired to the public. The "who likes the sticky-icky pool" could be very fun. Here's to hoping Barron gets those names released and here's hoping for a lot of people's sake this all just ends soon.

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3put says:
I for one DON'T care what people do in there personal lives, nor do I want to know. I hope they never reveal the results, it's no one's business!
KVSmith59 says:
speaking from personal experience when I was younger, pot is not a performance enhancing drug....although it did enhance the hot dogs at the turn :)
banatmfees says:
i was at a recent PGA event and i swear Hunter Mahan looked stoned to bejeezus...but that may be just how he is....
Matt Otskey says:
rmumph1 says:
If players can hit a ball that well stoned, that's impressive.
WATTR says:
What a person does in the privacy of thier home is just what it is, private.Why would you like to know? So that you can make fun or degrade them. What do you do in your house?
Banker85 says:
@kvsmith: agreed about the hotdogs! it can relax you if you start playing poorly, but overall doesnt help your game.
dillcliff says:
though not a smoker, i have seen many people play golf while stoned, and still play at a very high level (no pun intended), some of them being PGA club professionals. i think for some people it helps their concentration, while others, makes them go crazy!
Oak says:

Agreed, it only helps with relaxation to relieve tension.........allegedly. :)

But it does work for the boys on Entourage.
robbie.dejarnette says:
As Gary Player said, "If Tiger tests are negative, who cares what the other guys are taking!"
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