It's Not Equality, But It's Somthing!
By Kickntrue on 1/29/07
St. Andrew's will be opening it's clubhouse to women for the first time ever this August for the Women's British Open. Of course, they will only be allowed in the clubhouse for that one week, but it's something. Women have only been allowed in the clubhouse for social events, until the Open.

"The championship clubhouse will be open to all competitors, caddies, and officials involved with the Open," R&A spokesman Stewart McDougall said Thursday.

Women have been allowed into the neoclassical clubhouse - designed by Scottish architect George Rae - in the past, but only for social occasions.

"It's absolutely fantastic," LGU chief executive Lesley Burn said. "St. Andrew's itself is the most beautiful place, it's the home of golf. To actually use and have access to one of the most iconic buildings in the world is a fantastic opportunity."

St. Andrew's Officials did make it very clear that this was a move that was "the right thing to do," but that it shouldn't be looked at as a perminent change. After the Open, it will be back to the old rules- No Girls Allowed.

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See a full article here.

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