2009 PGA Tour Stats
By Kickntrue on 11/25/09
PGATour.com posted some interesting year-end stats. For instance- nobody in the top 10 in GIR's won a tournament this year. That certainly defies a lot of the logic associated with going low, but really just shows you how much winning has to do with scrambling and avoiding the big numbers (For the record, Tiger was 16th).

Geoff Shackelford (I found this link on his blog) breaks down the driving distance stat and notes that driving distance was actually up in 2009, though just slightly over 2008 and much lower than back in the earlier 2000s. While there were more 400 yard drives than ever before, the actual driving distance average is 287.95 yards. Not short by any means, but I think we're led to believe as fans that these guys are hitting every ball 330 yards, which just isn't true.

Check out these links for more fun stats from the 2009 PGA Tour season.

PGATour.com 2009 Season in Review
More Stats from PGATour.com

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lazorbeam says:
The last stat is the one I find the most amazing. "Who needed the fewest putts over a 72-hole tournament this year? Tim Wilkinson, who took 97 putts at the Verizon Heritage." Really 1.347 putts per hole. Amazing. Something to practice towards.
robbie.dejarnette says:
Ckick on the 2009 Superlatives box and then again on the Aces box. Take a look at hole 15 2nd rd at the Canadian RBC Open. 4 aces on the same hole in the same day. Check out both videos, the 2nd is the best!
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