Tiger Booed In Stanford Return
By Kickntrue on 11/24/09
Tiger Woods was inducted into the Stanford Sports Hall of Fame this past weekend and during his 20 second speech at halftime of the football game, he was booed. The announcers in the video attribute the booing to the Cal fans in attendance, but I don't know. I'm not trying to stir up anything - I'm just saying it's a good deal of booing to be the away team.

Of course- the away team in this case HATES Stanford and is just across town. Plus we don't know where the ambiance mics are places, but it's clear Tiger hears the boos and is thrown off.

Beyond the booing crap... I like Tiger doing stuff like this. Anything he does where he's a little more "real" and less robot is a good thing.


Thanks to markwu2 for the link.

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Swingem says:
Didn't TW leave Stanford before graduating, to go pro?
Matt Otskey says:
Tiger is just a no good college drop-out.
Banker85 says:
i agree how do you boo Tiger. punks if you ask me.
dabert50 says:
The fans obviously showed a lot of class -- unfortunately all lower!
bducharm says:
I'm sure Tiger had to laugh to himself a bit but I agree - WHY would you boo Tiger Woods??? All he does is win and create great environments for kids, gives back to the game, etc...guess that's not enough for some!!!
kidputter says:
All Tiger Woods does is win or throw clubs, swear and show poor sportsmanship when he's not playing well enough to win. I still wouldn't boo him. Why waste the energy?
Off-Course Golf Rob says:
Yeah, they were just a bunch of haters. Nothing more.
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