Scotty Cameron Q & A
By Kickntrue on 11/24/09 had an interesting Q & A with legendary putter designer Scotty Cameron yesterday. I found it interesting not because I'm a huge fan or even putter technology buff, but because you don't actually see a lot of words from Scotty. Sure- he does interviews and there are pieces written on him, but his actual products are much more legendary than anything you actually know about him or about what he thinks. If you actually think about that- it's pretty cool.

Anyway- here is one of my highlights.
We have done a lot of tests regarding sound versus feel, and we have found that sound actually has more to do with feel and the feel in your hands. So every time we make and design putters, we're thinking about sound versus feel.

There is a sound you expect from your putter, and it's not right and it's not wrong, but it is what you want. Some may sound hollow and tinny, while others may be soft and cushiony, but a lot of it has to do with the golf ball you use.
That was in response to a question about many pros using softer balls next season. Anyway- the rest of the interview is pretty interesting- and ... it's not like you're doing anything this week at work.

Scotty Cameron Q & A

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Backquak says:
I've never thought about the sound of a putt, but it makes sense that the ball would make a difference more on a putt than a full shot.
bducharm says:
I absolutely agree with the sound versus feel issue. I won a putter from Slotline and when they sent me the putter the first comment I had to them was it sounds really tinny. Hence it sits in my office golf bag.
Tim Horan says:
I would say that it is mostly the ball and how acurately you can hit the sweet spot on any putter. I just cannot putt with a hard ball. Pinnacles and Top Flites are a no-no for me. I have a 1928 blade putter (amongst others) that if you don't find the sweet spot it clacks like a spanish dancer.
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