The Curious Case Of The Phenom
By Kickntrue on 11/24/09
What do you do when a child is much much better than every other child their own age? Do you allow them to play with their peers and teach everyone a lesson in "life's not fair" or do you move them up to play with older and more competitive kids? How does that child react from a social standpoint, merging with kids with more life experience and maturity (even if that is acted out as immaturity with mocking and teasing)?


Okay- I give up. I was trying to be serious and I've been working the past hour to find a way to tie this clip into a golf site- but well, that was my attempt.


It was probably the first time in about 3 months where I actually laughed out loud while working. I've watched it about 20 times, laughing harder each time. Oh my goodness this kid is my new hero.

Oh- if you feel compelled to answer the question, please do. Is it different in a non-physical sport like golf? I feel like I may allow my 6 year old to play with 10 year olds in golf before I would in football or even soccer. At the same time- if I'm any of these kids parents EXCEPT "Terry Tates" I may pull my kid from the game UNLESS he goes and plays with the older kids.


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knthornt says:
That just made my day... tears are streaming I laughed so hard
Grube says:
I've watched the video 10 times and tears are still coming out I'm laughing so hard. Thanks for the post!
Kickntrue says:
I love how none of the parents really react (esp to the 2nd hit) which tells me this kid does this EVERY day. it's just part of coming to practice. the only parent who probably really minds is the RB's.
bducharm says:
TOO FUNNY - now that's a "de-cleater" if I ever saw one!!!
Bryan K says:
Hmm...I didn't find it funny. Isn't that how football is supposed to be played?

Seriously...the first hit looked like it might have hurt....I have no idea what the kid with the ball was supposed to be doing. He was just standing there holding the ball out like he wanted to fumble it or something.

The second hit...I think it looks a lot worse than it actually is. Little kids are light. They tend to fly through the air easily.
Tim Horan says:
Let the little tyke take his anxt out on the field! In a few years he will be out on the streets.
Mjw71772 says:
I will say this much, as hard hitting as that kid is, you have to respect the other little munchkins ability to hang on to the ball and get up.
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