Tiger Injured In Crash
By Kickntrue on 11/27/09
Tiger Woods was seriously [UPDATE- or not] injured in a car crash outside his own property early this morning (2:25am). He was transported to the hospital and treated for facial lacerations. Alcohol was not involved though charges could be pending.

More details to come for sure- but so far things sound pretty bizarre. He was pulling out of his driveway and hit a fire hydrant. What that doesn't explain is how that ended up being so serious.

Obviously this will become a pretty big story- and I doubt oob will break much news for you (though we did seem to beat all of the major golf sites), but stay tuned. Obviously, as with anyone in a situation like this, thoughts and prayers with Tiger and his family.

[UPDATE- Tiger's agent says, "he is fine."]

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There is another Tiger Woods' story that surfaced on Thanksgiving Day that I'm not going to honor with a link, because I think it is complete rubbish- but hopefully everything is good on the Woods homefront.

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Kickntrue says:
I didn't want to put this in the post- because it's more of a personal comment than any part of this story, but something here smells funny. It will be interesting when some of the answers come out- but why the heck was Tiger leaving his house at 2:30am in the morning? I doubt he was getting more milk. Someone would do that for him. I doubt he was trying to beat the Black Friday rush... I'm sure he can get his hands on anything he wants with less than a phone call.

They are saying he was in serious condition.. but released from the hospital. Just a weird set of limited details all around.
Banker85 says:
i wonder what the heck happened?! hit a fire hydrant how does he do that especially with no alcohol involved and who is filing charges the fire hydraunt? maybe he was going to murder someone maybe he is a in the closet serial killer like dexter?! might get in trouble i was kidding about that but for real who leaves the house that late if not for a booty call?
activesense says:
maybe he was off to get some early morning driving practice
PingRhoda says:
@activesense. That would be my guess. With how this guy's schedule is, that would not surprise me at all
kidputter says:
She broke the back window out to RESCUE him? More like they had a fight and she did it as he was leaving the house. All is not well in Tigerland. Finally a chink in the armor. Maybe now people will stop anointing him as the next coming. He's a great golfer but not necessarily a great man or role model.
ToddRobb says:
@Kidputter Did you say "finally" a chink in the armor?? He's had chinks in his armor waaayyy before this happened, he's just as human as everyone else. It's only the people that hate him that use life moments such as these to try and pile on. Tiger donates millions of dollars to charity through various venues, I think it's a bit of a stretch to say "not necessarily a great man". As for me, I see Tiger as the greatest golfer to ever pick up a club, that's it. I don't need him to raise my kids, I don't care if he argues with his wife, and I don't care that he's a horrible tipper. The only thing that annoys me about Tiger is the club tossing, I think it sucks for his playing partners that have to deal with his vicious mood swings.
kidputter says:
Come on, ToddRobb. Everyone knows the charitable donations are largely for the tax write-offs. When you make a zillion dollars you need to divert some of it. His financial department decides where to put it. He just listens to the PR people who tell him that a certain charity will help his image or create more opportunity to make more money.
Aside from that, my point was maybe some of the sheep that blindly follow this guy will take him off the LIFE PEDESTAL and group him with all the other HUMAN superstar athletes (Kobe, A-Rod, Tom Brady, etc.).
Swingem says:
Something's up in Tigerville, and it aint good. Consider the scenario; Kids got the runs, so TW is making an emergency trip to Seven-Eleven for diapers and Pedialite. Hearing a crash, Ellin rushes from the house to find TW crashed into a tree and the car is locked. So she runs back to the house to grab...the spare keys? Hmmm. Wishing TW & family no bad, hope they work it out.
ToddRobb says:
@kidputter didn't know you were such a cynic, my bad for bring up the charity. Not sure what you mean by "blindly follow", Tiger fans have all the reason to be Tiger fans, the thing that I don't understand is why people hate him so much, but I'm sure they have several reasons. @Swingem I think the scenario went more like Elin heard the rumors about him stepping out on her, they argue about it, maybe she even takes a couple of swings at him,(hence the busted lip) he decides it's better to leave than to mix it up physically with her. He jumps into the caddy, she's chasing him down the driveway, he's not looking where he's going because he's looking back at her in the mirror, WHAM!! They'll work it out.
bortass says:
I really don't care what Tiger does in his personal life. Nobody's perfect. The man is a great golfer.
The story sounds a little fishy but whatever. It's not like it's gonna have an impact on any of us personally except for entertainment purposes.

As for the 'sheep that blindly follow him', this is no different then any sport. You get bandwagon fans when teams are hot and the assumption is they are only fans because they are on the winning side. Then you got stuff like the hatred of the Yankees by Red Sox fans.
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